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Please feel free to discuss this quest in the forums. --Mierin 10:55, 5 May 2006 (PDT)

Just to let everyone know, that i did NOT complete all of the PSC assaults and i still got Promoted. Here is a list of all the assaults i won and how many times:

  • Periqia x2
  • Lebros Cavern X1
  • Mamool Ja Trainning Grounds X4
  • Leujaom Sanctum X2

Ilrusi Atoll was the only Assault that i didnt complete even though i did attempt it but failed. I have practically every quest finished, all the Runic Portals as u can see, and on the last mission thats available.

I also attempted the Finding Faults Quest once and did not answer the questions right.

Completed a ton of Besieged, and a load of XP in the new areas if that has any effect on my Private standing(doubt it though). - User:Chef

You do not need to complete each assault once. The way the points work is for each new assault you complete, you get the full 5 points, and every time after that you only receive one point. So by using Chef's assault experience above, he has a total of 25 points.

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