I claimed it as NIN/DNC and fought it solo until the DNC/NIN showed up a few minutes later. I was using my primary TP set rather than my evasion set, but Nidhogg's accuracy was still extremely low. The DNC and I had no trouble alternating hate during terrorize. The BLM showed up when the mob was just under 50% and threw out a few nukes. He ended up dying at around 10%, which was unfortunate because that's when the mob started to become dangerous. Its TP spam started dropping our HP faster than Curing Waltz could recover it, so I ended up doing Mijin Gakure > reraise after being dropped to 7 HP with no TP for cures. Overall it was an easy fight until the last 10%, at which point you should break out whatever spike damage you may have and kill it ASAP. I had no trouble landing Kurayami, Hojo, Jubaku, or Yurin except during his 2 hours. --Kekoa 19:53, March 2, 2011 (UTC)


  • Positioning your alliance at the base of Nidhogg's two front feet is crucial to prevent Spike Flail, and withstanding damage from Dragon Breath.
  • Avoiding the use of AoE spells of any kind is highly recommended, as it may target the surrounding Darters.
  • Avoiding the use of DoT spells is recommended, as Nidhogg can be put to Sleep allowing time to recover, if necessary (usually from repeated Hurricane Wings.)
  • All mages should keep Stoneskin up at all times, and at least one member in each party should have White Mage as a *Support Job to Curaga party members after an AoE attack from Nidhogg.
  • Highly resistant to Fire and Ice Elemental Magic, although Water and Lightning are effective.

Skillchains -> Magic burst should be used to maximize damage.

  • Nidhogg will Rage after 60 minutes of being engaged.
  • Nidhogg's Dragon Breath and Hurricane Wing will hit anyone within AoE, regardless of hate. Terrain difference will block wing damage.
  • A good way to keep Nidhogg's TP gain down is to have minimal melee DD engaged; however, with sufficient support, an alliance of all melee DD will do fine. One dedicated healer with blindna per melee party is suggested.

Spawn Conditions: Trade Item[edit]

As of the 05/09/2011 version update, players may spawn Nidhogg using a newly-added item named "Cup of Sweet Tea". Once the version update is complete, we'll try to add more information on this item. --Almont 23:45, May 9, 2011 (UTC)

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