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I tried farming this items a few times weeks ago with no success, so I tried farming it again while Mystery Boxes: Frontier Lands was in effect. Though I wasn't completely sure if that Super Kupower worked in Gustav Tunnel, I figured it wouldn't hurt to try. After about two days of fighting too weak mobs in this area, I finally got the Liminus Earring. Used a 95BLU/47RDM while farming that item. -LordChocoSlime 01:29, January 20, 2012 (UTC)

I considered myself lucky to get one of these the other night while farming Pygmitoise and Boulder Eater and the occasional Earth Elemental for limit, capacity, and more importantly a culinarian's torque. Then over the course of the night I had 3 more boxes with this earring go to waste. Playing as 99BLM/40WHM with trusts, including Nanaa Mihgo. Haven't seen one since, though I was only out there 2 more times before getting my torque.Chizuzu (talk) 17:33, June 7, 2015 (UTC)

Testing of effect[edit]

RDM99/BLM49. No food or other increased-skill-up gear (that I know of). Enhancing magic @ 340 (well below limit, I know - the curse of Abyssea!).

Cast 1,232 bar- spells on self without Lim Earring, then 1,232 on self with earring. Same location (Port J), same gear. Did no-earring runs immediately after with-earring runs, so only difference was Vana day. Results:

With earring: total of 32 skillups for an aggregate gain of 8.2 levels (average skillup .25)

No earring: total of 15 skillups for an aggregate gain of 5.4 levels (average skillup .36)

Difference in average skillup was unexpected - might just be an aberration due to small sample size, or because no-earring runs were on Lightsday (?) But number of skillups appears to have ~doubled with earring. --Kmera 00:45, May 9, 2012 (UTC)

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