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Earlier I was just fighting a Hell Hound in the Necropolis, and, like normal, my atonements were capping at 720-750dmg. Then i decided to pop Holy circle for fun. My next atonement ended up doing 850dmg. My first assumption is that it must be because of the circle update as I've never heard of Hell Hounds taking extra dmg from magic. Any confirmation on this? --Gosyac

Circle Protections' damage increase[edit]

As of the August 2009 Update, Circle Protections now grant bonus damage and defense against the affected monster families. According to research found in this topic, Circle Protections may grant a +15% damage boost to both physical and magical damage against the affected monster family(Arcane Circle vs Arcana type monsters). Petco 07:48, 23 August 2009 (UTC)

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