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Just used this on a low level bee with 1077 HP at level 75 with AF head on, and it did 608 damage instead of 479. On a mandragora the same level, it did 479. Without AF head, it did 598 on a bee the same level. So using it against vermin does raise damage, so long as it is not resisted. --Kyrial 05:59, 16 June 2007 (CDT)

That could be only in the case of using AF head, though. Can you confirm otherwise? --Azulmagia 17:50, 26 August 2008 (UTC)
She mentioned it dealing 598 versus the bee without the Magus Keffiyeh. Comparing the numbers, the spell seems to have a ~25% bonus against Vermin (and the Keffiyeh's "Monster Corrolation" effect seems to do very little, though it probably helps accuracy.)

I wonder how Monster Corrolation merits affect this value. --Taeria Saethori 21:37, 26 August 2008 (UTC)

Just updated the page after some 3 hours of testing on different mob types. Beasts will receive 25% less damage (calculated last) and vermin will receive 25% more damage (calculated last). Magus Keffiyeh enhances Monster Correlation by 2% (I've read this somewhere before and confirmed that is the case with breath spells) and causes vermin to take 27% more damage. I'm not about to merit Monster Correlation to confirm this, so I didn't add anything to the page, but I'm fairly sure that each merit will add 1%, for a maximum of 32% extra damage (with AF hat) on breath spells against the right family. The extra 2% damage from Magus Keffiyeh isn't enough of a difference to replace the extra 30HP from Walahra Turban. (You would have to have over 1500 HP using Heat Breath while wearing AF head to make it more worthwhile than Walahra Turban) Further to this, Saurian Helm has 50 HP and an added bonus (I think it's 10% but don't have one yet) to breath spells.
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