I only changed it back because the ingame description doesn't give any numbers, adn that text is a word for word of the in-game description. However, I do think that those sorts of facts are good to have! Maybe we could pu them somewehre like...


Spell cost: 20 MP
Spell element: Wind
Magic skill: Enhancing Magic

Note: Always creates two shadows. May not absorb the first two attacks, but it will absorb two attacks eventually.

Or something like that? --Rixie--

(I'm Sorry) (Please forgive me) My first real edit here. I think the 2 blinks are useful information and your right about not changing the original game description to include that, but to add it at the bottom as an extra note. (Thank you)—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Doominite (talkcontribs).

No prob - good to have another hand helping out here :-D So no need to apologize ^_^ --Rixie--

I think if it's not appropriate to note that the Replicator can grant the effect of this spell to the automaton that there should at least be a "See Also"link here to Blink (Status Effect). Adding that link could have other usefulness as well.

See Also[edit]

two shadows?[edit]

Was this alwais two shadows? or ws it modified at some point?--Ophenix 14:48, 30 January 2008 (UTC)

I am pretty sure Blink spell has always granted two shadows. The chance that a hit is absorbed by the shadows has never been 100%, but I've never seen less than or more than two shadows absorbed before the status effect wore off. --Kurgan 15:41, 30 January 2008 (UTC)
when I played 4~5 years ago, I'm almost certain it was 3 shadows... but maybe that's just my mind being old and confusing with utsusemi --Vulturelainen 01:50, 23 May 2009 (UTC)

Magic absorb[edit]

I don't play as often as I used to, but to my recollection Blink has always absorbed a single target magic attack or enfeebling spell aimed at me. I remember this being key to beating Maat as Red Mage on my first try. Does anyone else have any evidence that Blink will ALWAYS absorb a single target spell if there is at least one shadow remaining?

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