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Not sure if anyone watches this page, but I thought it might be nice to clear up some rumors. I was working on this quest and after 100 kills I switched from my lvl 10 war to my lvl 38 whm for the trip to Beadeaux. After I didn't get the cutscene, I read here that you are not allowed to use Weapon Skills. I then went back to East Sarutabaruta, changed jobs in Windurst to my lvl 10 War and got 20 more kills without counting WS kills. I then changed back to whm once more and went back to Beadeaux to check again. This second trip was successful and I now have a lvl 1 Drk. ^.^

I was hoping we could add in a few more points such as entering cities is not forbidden. You can also change jobs and switch weapons. Teleporting and renting chocobos also do not cause any problems. I didn't test dying or logging, so I don't know how those affect this quest. Hopefully we can make a few minor adjustments and clear out some rumors about the difficulty of this quest. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by WhiteFireDaemon (talkcontribs).


When I did this quest a while ago I was told that if you zoned then you would lose all your kills and would have to start over. Was this incorrect or did the rule change at point?--Zuke 13:48, 16 March 2008 (UTC)

Probably untrue. Afaik it was allowed since ever to change area, zone or log out without loosing your kills. Cemalidor 09:45, 26 May 2008 (UTC)

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