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Unknown modifiers..

gave my NPC a katana...and this was her favorite ws...anyways..I noticed a trend...when she was barely hurt...or not at all...the ws did crap damage...the more she got hurt...the better the ws it got me thinking...maybe its like a reverse spirits within? I can't accurately test because my Ninja isn't high enough...but its just a thought.

Just did 2 tries at it as 60nin/war vs a tough Worker Pehredo. Using a buboso 191 katana skill, off handing hornetneedle with 198 dagger skill. 668/1057 hp 63% hp 122% tp, blade: ei did 26 dmg. 206/1042 hp 19% hp, 255% tp, blade ei did 174 dmg. 83/1057 hp 7% hp, 300% tp blade ei did 94 dmg. So I'm at a loss to what could the modifiers could be. --Akashimo 07:09, 2 June 2009 (UTC)

Did anyone think to try Int as mod? Just a thought...--Onsheeta

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