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Anyone know exactly how much this "enhances" mug? Is it a straight percentage?

The Assassin's Bonnet +1 page says it approximately doubles the amount of gil stolen. Since the relic +1 very rarely provides any increased job-ability enhancement over NQ relic, I would infer in the absence of testing that the NQ Assassin's Bonnet also approximately doubles the amount of gil stolen. --Vaprak 20:57, 20 January 2009 (UTC)

Been testing this out, and, it really seems to do jack for the amounts stolen; First 5 successive mugs on Genbu yielded 8 gil, 943, 1,430, 1176, and 1,030 gil.. Hardly a noticable increase, and, macroing it in from every mug use so far, it really seems like it would only be a *very* small percentage increase.. Comparable to the COR body that was recently patched, now that you mention it.. Alaik

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