Campaign stat

A key concern of the Beastmen Confederate and Allied Forces of Altana alike is the acquisition and strategetic use of Supplies. Supplies are required for nearly every Campaign Operation undertaken by the Allied Forces, and the constant need to replenish them is a never ending task. Adventurers devoted to the cause can assist by signing up and completing the Campaign Operation codenamed Material Storm.

Should a allied nation's find their supply levels running low, they will likely be forced to restrict the number of Campaign Operations that can be undertaken. Thus a lack of adequate supplies can severely weaken the ability of an army to maintain their war efforts. As a result, the nation may suffer greatly in their ability to: gain or defend territory, inspire moral in soldiers, provide proper arms and armor, train new recruits and medics, assure the safety of citizens, develop advanced technology, provide intelligence on enemy status, undertake sabotage operations, and more.

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