Job Ability[edit]

  • Gradually restores your automaton's HP. Special items required.
  • Obtained: Puppetmaster Level 15
  • Recast Time: 0:03:00 (0:02:30 with full merits)
  • Duration: varies by item used (see below)


  • The Repair ability requires the puppetmaster to equip an item called Automaton Oil, which can be synthesized with alchemy skill or purchased at shops.

Macro Syntax[edit]

/ja "Repair" <me>

More Information[edit]

Level Item Base 1 Potency Duration Total Regen
Level 15 Automaton Oil 10% Max HP 10 hp/tick 10 ticks (30 Sec) 100 HP
Level 30 Automaton Oil +1 20% Max HP 20 hp/tick 20 ticks (60 Sec) 400 HP
Level 50 Automaton Oil +2 30% Max HP 30 hp/tick 30 ticks (90 Sec) 900 HP
Level 80 Automaton Oil +3 40% Max HP 40 hp/tick 40 ticks (120 Sec) 1600 HP

1 Restores base amount instantly and provides regen for the applicable duration.

Equipment that enhances this ability[edit]

Puppetry Babouches (feet) adds a remedy/erase effect to repair, causing it to remove most debuffs from the automaton when the repair ability is used.

Guignol Earring (earring) increases the amount of HP that healed by the regen effect by 20%. Not the base amount.

Item Repair Regen Guignol Earring Total Regen
Automaton Oil 100 HP (+2/tick) 20 HP 120 HP
Automaton Oil +1 400 HP (+4/tick) 80 HP 480 HP
Automaton Oil +2 900 HP (+6/tick) 180 HP 1080 HP
Automaton Oil +3 1600 HP (+8/tick) 320 HP 1920 HP

Desultor Tassets (legs) increases the amount of HP that healed by the regen effect by 10%, if the augment is selected. Not the base amount.


  • Zoning causes the Regen effect to disappear.
  • Counts as a standard Regen effect, and thus is susceptible to Dispel.
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