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Category:Removed Content

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The pages in this category cover game content that has been removed from the game or is no longer obtainable in the current version of Final Fantasy XI.


Items that still exist in the game, but are no longer obtainable, are included in this category.

For example, even though some items such as the Timeless Hourglass and the Perpetual Hourglass can still be possessed by players who have saved them since before September 19, 2011, no more new Timeless Hourglasses or Perpetual Hourglasses can be obtained, and they no longer serve their purposes, so they are also included in this category.

Note About Seasonal Content[edit]

This category does not include seasonal/event content that was intended to be limited.

Beta-only Onion Gear[edit]

The body armor items Onion Harness, Onion Doublet, Onion Vest, and Onion Tunic, and Head armors Onion Hat, Onion Cap, Onion Bandana, were originally planned to be the starting armor (depending on which job you chose to create your character as). They were removed from the game after the Japanese Beta ended and were replaced by the Level 1 Race Specific Armor.

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