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Never to Return

Start NPC Kurou-Morou - Lower Jeuno (I-7)
Requirements Jeuno Reputation 5
Items Needed Horn Hairpin
Repeatable No
Reward Garnet Ring
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Your Crystal Ball Searching for the Right Words



  • Complete Your Crystal Ball and have Kurou-Morou tell your fortune on three separate game days. Talk to him on a fourth day to begin this quest.
    • If you are doing this quest for the Sleepga II quest line, it is suggested that you work on the quest All in the Cards, the prerequisite for Rubbish Day, at the same time. Both quests require several game days to complete.

Never to Return[edit]

Game Description[edit]

Kurou-Morou (Fortunetellers, Lower Jeuno)
Kurou-Morou has thrown his precious hairpin into the rubbish, so he needs a new one made.
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