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Acquiring Your First Mount[edit]

Obtaining New Mounts[edit]

Trade any astral notebook to Mapitoto to receive a companion key item. Different mount items are available in a variety of ways:



Login Campaigns[edit]

Using a Mount[edit]

  • Travel to an area where mounting is allowed.
  • Select "Mount" from "Abilities" in the action menu or main menu.
  • Select your desired mount from among those displayed.
    • You may also mount using the text command /mount [mount name].
    • You may not remount until at least one minute has passed since your initial mounting.
    • You are unable to mount while on a monster’s enmity list.
  • You can dismount by selecting "Dismount" from the action menu or once thirty minutes have passed since mounting.

Areas Where Mounting Is Not Available[edit]

  • Dungeons
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