Magicite is the name given to a collection of mysterious stones that are said to harbor incredible power. However, tales also warn that contact with Magicite brings about only destruction and pain. These fact have recently come to the attention of the great leaders across Vana'diel, as rumors pursist of a plot involving a substancial quanity of Magicite being collected in the strongholds of the three major Beastmen races.

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*The magicite found beneath the beastmen strongholds is the crystallized energy run-off; run-off resulting from several damaged conduits of the Crystal Line which snake their way below the strongholds. It is hypothesized that the beastmen stumbled upon these conduits in their attempts to expand their strongholds, and inadvertently ruptured them to proceed in their expansion; however, as a result, the energy searing through the line began seaping into the water in the caverns, eventually crystallizing into magicite.
  • A far more powerful, and more dangerous, variety of magicite exists. So called Dark Magicite is said to be the crystallized manifestation of pure emptiness. Many mysteries still exist about the nature of this magicite, any research into the matter has been hampered due to horrific tales of ill-fortune befalling anyone who dares to seek it. Aside from all that is currently known of this accursed magicite one fact remains clear, all those who dare seek it ought expect nothing but sorrow to accompany them.
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