Magic Skill

Magic Skill may refer to:


Magic Skill indicates the proficiency a job has with the use of spells pertaining to that skill. It is used in equations to determine accuracy, damage, and proc rate, typically by being compared to the enemy's own magical traits. Using spells that relate to a magic skill may grant a skill increase with that skill. It is unclear if the level of the target of the spell has an influence on rate or cap of skill increase with relevant skills, as with other skills. Magic Skill also determines the rate of casting interruption, with a high magic skill (relative to the target's level) rendering the caster less likely to be interrupted if they take damage during the cast.

Relevent data on accuracy calcuations, level caps and available spells can be found by following the links above for the respsective magic skill

  • It is possible to raise skill level in Level-Sync parties, but only as much as the capped level will allow.
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