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The layout of your moghouse.

The Layout of your Mog House is the arrangement of your Furniture. Your layout consists of 336 squares, layed out in an upside-down U shape. Each leg of the U is 6 x 24 squares, and they are connected at the top by an area of squares 8 x 6. Furniture cannot be placed in the space in the middle (8 x 18). Additionally, there are five wall spaces for paintings (such as Ancient Blood), banners (like the Imperial Standard), and plaques (like The Big One).

You can adjust the layout of your furniture only when you are in your Mog House in your home nation. Any furniture item you wish to place in your layout must be stored in your Mog Safe. From the Mog House menu, select Layout. If you have no furniture, you have three options: Layout, Remove All, and Back. Choose Layout again. This will bring you to a list of furniture that you have stored in your Mog Safe. Select a piece of furniture and hit Enter. Now you will be able to place it. Use the arrow keys to move your furniture onto the blue squares in your layout (see picture). The squares that your furniture will take will be outlined in red. Move your furniture to the desired spot, if you want to rotate it press the minus sign (-) on the number pad (PC), the X button (Xbox) or the Square Button (PS2), then hit Enter. Now your furniture is placed in your moghouse. Repeat these steps until all of your furniture is placed where you want it.

Layout Example 1.JPG

After your furniture is placed, you can rearrange it at will, or remove it from your layout. Go back to the Layout menu, and use the arrow keys to select the piece of furniture you wish to move and hit Enter. You will have the options Rearrange, Remove, Layout and Remove All. Rearrange will allow you to move the selected piece of furniture to a new location. Remove will remove the selected piece from your layout. Please note, if you have items in your Storage, the Remove and Remove All option may not be available. Simply clear few items out of your Storage, and you should then be able to remove your furniture. To use the Remove All command, all items must be removed from Storage first.

Certain items can be placed on top of others. For example, a flowerpot can be placed on top of a table. For details regarding which items can be stacked in this way, see the individual item's page, or Category:Furnishings.

Layout Example 2.JPG

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