Kirin (Server)

This was one of the many worlds of FFXI. It was one of five servers created in December 2002. It was one of three of those servers deactivated and merged with the remaining two servers in January 2003. It was originally created from players world shifted from Bahamut, Shiva, Siren, and Ragnarok Servers. Its population was merged with the population of Bismarck Server.

  • ID Number: 27 (number presently assigned to Midgardsormr Server)
  • Activation Date: December 19, 2002
  • Deactivation Date: January 14, 2003

History in the FF Series[edit]

Kirin was a Summon who made only one appearance in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy VI. It was a status-afflicting/endowing Summon. Kirin appeared as a gray, hooved beast with the head of a predatory mammal, with 2 golden colored antlers, and a large flowing green mane, with green fur on its tail and in patches by its hooves. It emitted a whitish-turquoise field of bending light which gave the party Regen status. Kirin was also a Summon in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. There, it also gave the party Regen status.

  • In FFVI, Kirin was one of the Espers holed up in the city of Zozo in an apartment suite who was convinced by fellow Esper Ramuh to transform himself into Magicite and assist the heroes' cause.


"Life Guard"- endows Regen status on all allies (FF6)


Final Fantasy VI

Offers no Level Up Bonus

Teaches Cure, Cure 2, Regen, Antdot, Scan

Historical Background[edit]

In Chinese folklore, the Qilin (sometimes Qi-lin) is a mythical animal with the body of a deer, head of a deer/dragon (Chinese mythology shows it more as a dragon's head, Japanese mythology shows it more as a deer's head), an ox's tail, a horse's hooves, a body covered in a fish's scales, and a single horn on its forehead. It is usually shown with a flaming or radiant aura. It was described as an herbivore and could walk over grass without disturbing it as well as walk on water. Legend states the Qilin only appears at the birth or death of a great wise person. The Qilin lives in paradise for the rest of the time. It can live to be 1000 or more years old and is considered the embodiment of everything that is good and pure. In Japan, the Kirin was an animal-god who punished evildoers and the wicked with its horn and protected the just and good, granting them good luck. To see a Kirin was considered the most auspicious of omens, the best luck possible. In Japanese, "kirin" has become the word for "unicorn" and "giraffe". It is believed the Qilin is a distorted report of a giraffe, with it being reported by Zheng Re, noted Chinese explorer who explored eastern Africa in the early 1400s CE. The Qilin was not in the mythology until this point in time.

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