Infamy is a point system used in Monstrosity.

Defeating monsters as a monipulator yields an amount of Infamy points equivalent to 10% of the experience points they obtain. In this sense, Infamy is like Monstrosity's version of Conquest Points.

Infamy caps at 10,000 unless you engage in Belligerency and it caps at 50,000. To earn Infamy when your total is 10,000 or higher, you must flag yourself for Belligerency by talking to Aengus. Then you can earn Infamy in Buburimu Peninsula, Xarcabard, or Uleguerand Range by defeating either gladiators or normal monsters.

If you are defeated by a gladiator, you lose 20% of your infamy.

Infamy can be used to purchase new monipulators and instincts from Teyrnon.

Monster Rank[edit]

Your current amount of infamy determines your Monster Rank.

0-10,000 infamy: MON
10,001-20,000: NM
20,001+: HNM

You begin your rampage as a monster (Mon), become a notorious monster (NM) after obtaining 10,001 infamy, and finally ascend to the heights of a high notorious monster (HNM) once you've gained 20,001 infamy.

Being MON rank grants Faculty Points equal to the monster's level +10. Being NM rank gives you 20 extra Faculty Points (MON level +30) to spend on your faculties, while HNMs get an additional 40 (MON level +50) points.

  • However, if you spend or lose infamy, your rank can drop, and your Faculty Points will drop, resulting in instincts exceeding the cap being automatically unequipped.
  • Outside of Belligerency, your rank is set to MON, regardless of your infamy. You only gain the faculty bonuses during Belligerency.
  • NMs and HNMs drop treasure chests that gladiators can loot in Belligerency.
  • When monsters evolve into notorious and high notorious monsters, they receive stars to denote their prowess. These stars denote the creatures' abominable nature and should serve as a warning to gladiators of their feral ferocity.
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