Making Amens!

Start NPC Kuroido-Moido - Port Windurst E-7
Requirements Windurst Reputation 4
Items Needed Garlaige Key
Key ItemBroken Wand
Key ItemPouch of weighted stones
Title Granted Hakkuru-Rinkuru's Benefactor
Repeatable No
Reward 6,000 Gil
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Making Amends Wonder Wands


It is highly recommended to consider completing the quest Rubbish Day at the same time as it requires visiting the Incinerator room as well.
This quest cannot be completed if the Windurst Missions Vain or Awakening of the Gods are active, or if mission Full Moon Fountain has been completed but The Sixth Ministry has not.
If the A Shantotto Ascension mission That Which Curdles Blood or the quest Orastery Woes is active, it may be required to talk to Kuroido-Moido more than once to get the dialogue for this quest.
After completing the previous quest, Making Amends, it is necessary to change areas before starting this quest.

The Incinerator
  • After obtaining the key, proceed through the Banishing Gate #1 at (I-9) of the first map.
  • Next, proceed through the Second Banishing Gate #2 at (H-10) of the second map.
  • After past the Gate #2, go to (I-7) on the third map to find the Crematory Hatch that leads into the Incinerator room.
  • Ask Mashira about the wand to receive a Key ItemBroken Wand.
  • Note: You cannot simply Tractor through the door. Every character that needs to go through must have a key of their own; otherwise Mashira does not give any dialogue.
  • Return to Kuroido-Moido.

Game Description[edit]

Kuroido-Moido (Orastery, Port Windurst)
Hakkuru-Rinkuru's switching of Ajido-Marujido's broken wand has been discovered. It seems that the original wand had some special significance to the minister. Hurry and retrieve the original wand from the furnace in Garlaige Citadel before it's too late.
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