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Forest for the Trees

Start NPC Ramua - Northern San d'Oria (E-3)
Requirements Must be a member of the Carpenters' Guild
Items Needed Hatchet, Arrowwood Log, Ash Log, Yew Log, Willow Log, Walnut Log
Repeatable No
Reward Trainee Axe



  • Talk to Ramua and agree to help her to start the quest.
  • You need to sign up with the Carpenters' Guild for this quest to be activated.
  • Ramua will hand you both a hatchet & Timber Survey Checklist upon accepting.
    • It is advised to buy more hatchets as they do break on occasion.
  • Head to Jugner Forest and locate Logging Points on which to use your Hatchet.
    • The Timber Survey Checklist that Ramua gave you lists five logs. You must obtain one of each (Arrowwood Log, Ash Log, Yew Log, Willow Log, and Walnut Log).
    • It is completely random what logs or other items you will obtain from Logging. It is possible to get multiples of the same log from a Logging Point.
    • You cannot purchase the logs and trade them to Ramua. She will refuse to take them. They must be logged by you and you will see a message pertaining to that.
      • While you must actually log at least one of each type of log to complete this quest, the logs traded to the NPC can be purchased if you no longer have the original logs.
    • When you successfully cut off a log for the first time of a kind you need, you will see the message: "<Your name> recorded survey data for a <log name> on the Timber Survey Checklist."
    • Subsequent logging of a log you've already recorded does nothing extra.
  • Return to Ramua and trade her your five logs to complete the quest.
    • Ramua will confirm the logs and allow you to keep them.

Game Description[edit]

Ramua (Carpenter's Guild, Northern San d'Oria)
The overworked Ramua asks for your aid in collecting timber sample for a guild survey that she's been too busy to conduct herself.
This article uses material from the "Forest_for_the_Trees" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.