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Having become a user of FFXICLOPEDIA you may have noticed that each user can setup their own WikiUser Page, which is a sub section of each user's home page. To get to it: log in to ffxiclopedia.org, click My Home at the top and then select the User Page tab at the top. On that page, toward the top, there is usually a WikiUser Page. (Direction on how to make one coming soon) This WikiUser page, like all other wikia pages is a blank canvas for you to do whatever you like. To start this page off I just want to point to some of the cool template userboxes you can use to layout your character and you as a player. Wikiuser page is not the only place to put this infomation, but it is a good place to show your skill as contributor to ffxiclopedia.

Quick tips[edit]

Get your Table of Contents, if you have one, in the right place. Use the TOC code to move it where you want

will the table of contents floating to the right.

Break up your page into sections using
==Parent Title==
===Sub Title===
This helps users by giving links in the Table of Contents.


As a user you can use a userbox with lots of userboxes inside it or them.

If you know how then check out these pages.



Userboxes for beginners[edit]

This is the opening line of the box, the top and after its contents come the bottom.


Notice in the opening line the | followed by a word, in this case my user name. Whatever you put there is the title of that userbox.

You can endlessly fill a userbox with other categorical userboxes whose enormous index is Userbox_Templates. A word of caution is that the pages don't always appear simple to understand. By far the most complex I have seen is the one for Template:Adventuring_Fellow that I cleaned up to make more understandable, which looked like Template:Adventuring_Fellow_Alt before. Many of them are not that complicated and once you get the method down you can write them somewhat freehandedly. Below I am going to put a table with two colomuns. One with the code and one with the way it appears. From that I hope you get an idea of what you can do. Hopefully this page will evolve and I invite others to contribute or start discussion on the discussion page.

Some Userbox Code[edit]

User Details[edit]

{{Userboxtopcenter|Pleyer Name}} 
{{American Player}}
{{Laptop Player}}
{{Xbox Player}}
{{Asura Server}}

Template:American Player Template:Laptop Player Template:Xbox Player Template:Asura Server Template:Elvaan Template:Male Template:Userboxbottom


{{White Mage|75}}
{{Black Mage|45}}
{{Red Mage|1}}

Template:White Mage Template:Black Mage Template:Ninja Template:Thief Template:Warrior Template:Monk Template:Summoner Template:Red Mage Template:Beastmaster Template:Ranger Template:Samurai Template:Puppetmaster Template:Dancer Template:Scholar Template:Userboxbottom



Template:Fisherman Template:Woodworker Template:Blacksmith Template:Goldsmith Template:Clothcrafter Template:Leathercrafter Template:Bonecrafter Template:Alchemist Template:Cook Template:Synergist Template:Userboxbottom


{{Citizen of Windurst|6}}
{{Citizen of San d'Oria|1}}
{{Citizen of Bastok|6}}

Template:Citizen of Windurst Template:Citizen of San d'Oria

Ffxi flg 01l.jpg This user is a Citizen of Bastok
Rank 6


{{Bastok Quests|19}}
{{Windurst Quests|30}}
{{San d'Oria Quests|}}
{{Jeuno Quests|32}}
{{Other Quests|}}
{{Outlands Quests|4}}
{{Aht Urhgan Quests|}}
{{Crystal War Quests|}}
{{All Quests|}} 
{{Assault Missions|}} 

Template:Bastok Quests Template:Windurst Quests Template:San d'Oria Quests Template:Jeuno Quests Template:Other Quests Template:Outlands Quests Template:Aht Urhgan Quests Template:Crystal War Quests Template:All Quests Template:Assault Missions Template:Userboxbottom

Fun Facts[edit]

{{Userboxtopcenter|Fun Facts}}
{{Chocobo Raiser}}
{{Chocobo Name|DiamondEye}}
{{Chocobo Retired Yellow|Female|HaRute}}
{{Adventuring Fellow|Ef4a|Susan|4|Soothing Healer}}
{{Dynamis Clear|4}} 
{{Gardener Alt|10}} 

Template:Chocobo Raiser Template:Chocobo Name Template:Chocobo Retired Yellow Template:Adventuring Fellow Template:Dynamis Template:Dynamis Clear Template:Gardener Template:Gardener Alt Template:Userboxbottom


So if you want to keep track of all the things you might have collected in the game you can use a check list. The code below is a rather large list, code and what it look slike. I copied from someones userpage

See this helpful page for more details about checklists.



Index of Checklists

Map Checklist Code[edit]

{{Map Checklist
|Complete-Color = green
|Default-Color = blue
| Map of Abdhaljs Isle-Purgonorgo = Done
| Map of Abyssea - Konschtat = Done
| Map of Abyssea - La Theine = Done
| Map of Abyssea - Tahrongi = Done
| Map of Al Zahbi = Done
| Map of Al'Taieu = Done
| Map of Alza'daal Ruins = Done
| Map of Arrapago Reef = Done
| Map of Aydeewa Subterrane = Done
| Map of Beadeaux = Done
| Map of Bhaflau Thickets = Done
| Map of Bibiki Bay = Done
| Map of Bostaunieux Oubliette = Done
| Map of Caedarva Mire = Done
| Map of Cape Riverne = Done
| Map of Carpenters' Landing = Done
| Map of Castle Oztroja = Done
| Map of Castle Zvahl = Done
| Map of Davoi = Done
| Map of Delkfutt's Tower = Done
| Map of Diorama Abdhaljs-Ghelsba = 
| Map of Fei'Yin = Done
| Map of Fort Karugo-Narugo = Done
| Map of Ghelsba = Done
| Map of Giddeus = Done
| Map of Grauberg = Done
| Map of Halvung = Done
| Map of Hu'Xzoi = Done
| Map of Ifrit's Cauldron = Done
| Map of King Ranperre's Tomb = Done
| Map of Mamook = Done
| Map of Mount Zhayolm = Done
| Map of Nashmau = Done
| Map of Newton Movalpolos = Done
| Map of Norg = Done
| Map of Oldton Movalpolos = Done
| Map of Ordelle's Caves = Done
| Map of Promyvion - Dem = Done
| Map of Promyvion - Holla = Done
| Map of Promyvion - Mea = Done
| Map of Promyvion - Vahzl = Done
| Map of Pso'Xja = Done
| Map of Qufim Island = Done
| Map of Ru'Hmet = Done
| Map of Tavnazia = Done
| Map of Vunkerl Inlet = Done
| Map of Wajaom Woodlands = Done
| Map of the Aqueducts = Done
| Map of the Attohwa Chasm = Done
| Map of the Bastok Area = Done
| Map of the Boyahda Tree = Done
| Map of the Chocobo Circuit = Done
| Map of the Crawlers' Nest = Done
| Map of the Dangruf Wadi = Done
| Map of the Den of Rancor = Done
| Map of the Eldieme Necropolis = Done
| Map of the Elshimo Regions = Done
| Map of the Garlaige Citadel = Done
| Map of the Gusgen Mines = Done
| Map of the Horutoto Ruins = Done
| Map of the Jeuno Area = Done
| Map of the Korroloka Tunnel = Done
| Map of the Kuftal Tunnel = Done
| Map of the Kuzotz Region = Done
| Map of the Labyrinth of Onzozo = Done
| Map of the Li'Telor Region = Done
| Map of the Maze of Shakhrami = Done
| Map of the Northlands Area = Done
| Map of the Palborough Mines = Done
| Map of the Quicksand Caves = Done
| Map of the Ranguemont Pass = Done
| Map of the Ru'Aun Gardens = Done
| Map of the Sacrarium = Done
| Map of the San d'Oria Area = Done
| Map of the Sea Serpent Grotto = Done
| Map of the Temple of Uggalepih = Done
| Map of the Toraimarai Canal = Done
| Map of the Uleguerand Range = Done
| Map of the Ve'Lugannon Palace = Done
| Map of the Vollbow Region = Done
| Map of the Windurst Area = Done
| Map of the Zeruhn Mines = Done

Abyssea - LaTheine Plateau

[ ] Atma of the Lion: Triple Attack+: Minor, Physical Damage Taken -: Minor, Thunder Element Attack+: Major, Hadhayosh

[ ] Atma of the Stout Arm: STR+: Major, Attack+: Superior, Ranged Attack+: Major, Briareus

[ ] Atma of Allure: MP+: Major, MND+: Major, Enmity-: Major, Carabosse [ ] Atma of Eternity: Enemy Critical Hit Rate -: Minor, Resist Slow: Major, Resist Curse: Major, Ruminator [ ] Atma of the Heavens: Magic Accuracy+: Major, Physical Damage Taken -: Minor, Resist Paralyze: Major, Ovni [ ] Atma of the Baying Moon: Attack+: Major, Magic Attack Bonus+: Major, Lugarhoo [ ] Atma of the Ebon Hoof: HP+: Major, Resist Sleep: Superior, Dozing Dorian [ ] Atma of Tremors: Damage Taken -: Minor, Resist Silence: Major, Megamaw Mikey [ ] Atma of the Savage Tiger: AGI+: Major, Double Attack: Major, Megantereon [ ] Atma of the Twin Claw: Defense+: Major, Magic Defense Bonus+: Minor, Resist Charm: Minor, Karkinos

Abyssea - Konschtat Highlands

[ ] Atma of the Voracious Violet: STR+: Superior, Double Attack+: Minor, Regain: Minor, Eccentric Eve [ ] Atma of the Cloak and Dagger: Accuracy+: Major, Evasion+: Major, Death Resistance: Minor, Bloodeye Vileberry [ ] Atma of the Stormbird: Wind/Thunder Accuracy+: Major, Refresh: Minor, Turul [ ] Atma of the Noxious Fang: Subtle Blow +: Major, Water Element Attack +: Major, Resist Poison: Major, Kulkulkan [ ] Atma of Vicissitude: Defense+: Major, Magic Def. Bonus: Minor, Regen: Major, Fistule [ ] Atma of the Stormbreath: VIT+: Major, Breath Damage Taken -: Major, Balaur [ ] Atma of the Gales: Wind Element Attack+: Major, Wind Accuracy+: Major, Alkonost [ ] Atma of the Thrashing Tendrils: CHR+: Major, Critical Hit rate +: Minor, Raskovnik [ ] Atma of the Drifter: Ranged Attack+: Major, Ranged Accuracy +: Major, Khalamari [ ] Atma of the Beyond: Magic Attack Bonus: Major, Ice Element Attack+: Major, Light Element Attack+: Major, Hadal Satiator

Abyssea - Tahrongi Canyon

[x] Atma of the Stronghold: Attack+: Major, Defense+: Major, Regen: Major, Lacovie [ ] Atma of the Dunes: Drain/Aspir +: Major, Store TP+: Minor, Resist Slow: Major, Glavoid [ ] Atma of the Cosmos: Dark Elemental Attack+: Major, Resist Amnesia/Silence: Major, Iratham [ ] Atma of the Adamantine: VIT+: Minor, Defense+: Major, Chukwa [ ] Atma of Calamity: Resist Slow/Blind: Major, Adze [ ] Atma of the Claw: Earth Elemental Attack+: Major, Earth Magic Accuracy+: Major, Cuelebre [ ] Atma of Baleful Bones: STR+: Minor, Dark Magic Accuracy+: Major, Mictlantecuhtli [ ] Atma of the Impaler: Double Attack+: Minor, Resist Bind/Blind: Major, Myrmecoleon [ ] Atma of the Siren Shadow: Attack+: Major, Evasion+: Major, Resist Paralyze: Major, Usurper [ ] Atma of the Harvester: STR+: Major, Double Attack+: Minor, Resist Sleep: Major, Chloris

Abyssea - Attohwa Chasm

[x] Atma of the Clawed Butterfly: Fire Magic Accuracy: Major, INT+: Major (+30), Conserve TP: Major, Itzpapalotl [x] Atma of the Desert Worm: MND+: Major, Earth Magic Accuracy: Major, Occasionally Annuls Magic Damage Taken, Ulhuadshi [ ] Atma of the Undying: MND+: Superior Conserve MP+: Major, Ice Elemental Attack: Major, Titlacauan [x] Atma of the Impregnable Tower: HP+: Superior, Magic Accuracy: Major, Magic Critical Hit Damage+: Major, Yaanei [x] Atma of the Smoldering Sky: Attack+: Minor, Magic Critical Hit Rate+: Major, Fire Elemental Attack+: Major, Smok [ ] Atma of the Demonic Skewer: Strength: Minor, TP Bonus: Minor, Occasionally Nullifies Physical Damage, Lusca [ ] Atma of the Golden Claw: Skillchain Bonus+: Minor, STR+: Minor, Kampe [ ] Atma of the Glutinous Ooze: MND+: Minor, Water Magic Accuracy: Minor, Berstuk [ ] Atma of the Lightning Beast: Fast Cast: Minor, Spell Interruption Rate: Minor, Maahes [ ] Atma of the Noxious Bloom: Store TP: Minor, Waltz Potency: Minor, Nightshade

Abyssea - Misareaux Coast

[ ] Atma of the Gnarled Horn: Counter+: Minor, Critical Hit Rate+: Minor, AGI+: Major, Sobek [ ] Atma of the Strangling Wind: STR+: Minor, VIT+: Minor, AGI+: Major, Amhuluk [ ] Atma of the Deep Devourer: Subtle Blow+: Minor, Store TP+: Minor, Song Casting Time-: Major, Cirein-croin [x] Atma of the Mounted Champion: VIT+: Superior, Regen: Superior, Enmity decrease when taking damage: Minor, Kutharei [x] Atma of the Razed Ruin: DEX+: Superior, Critical Hit Rate: Major, Critical Hit Damage: Major, Ironclad Pulverizer [ ] Atma of the Bludgeoning Brute: Regain: Minor, Thunder Magic Accuracy: Superior, Water Magic Accuracy: Superior, Tristitia [x] Atma of the Rapid Reptilian: Triple Attack+: Minor, Breath Damage Taken-: Major, Nehebkau [ ] Atma of the Winged Enigma: Haste+: Minor (1%), Enhances Effects of Rice Balls, Avalerion [ ] Atma of the Cradle: VIT+: Minor, DEX+: Minor, Karkatakam [ ] Atma of the Untouched: CHR+:Minor, Triple Attack: Minor, Nonno

Abyssea - Vunkerl Inlet

[ ] Atma of the Sanguine Scythe: HP+: Major, Critical Hit damage+: Major, Enmity+: Minor, Bukhis [ ] Atma of the Tusked Terror: Fast Cast: Minor, Water Elemental Attack: Minor, Water Magic Accuracy: Minor, Sedna [ ] Atma of the Minikin Monstrosity: Refresh+: Major (10/tic), INT+: Superior (+50 int), Enmity-: Minor, Durinn [ ] Atma of the Would-Be King: Regain: Minor (1/tic), Conserve TP: Minor, TP Bonus: Major, Sippoy [ ] Atma of the Blinding Horn: Conserve MP: Minor, Thunder Elemental Attack+: Major, Magic Damage Reduction: Minor, Karkadann [ ] Atma of the Demonic Lash: Attack+: Major, Double Attack+: Minor, Occasionally absorbs magic damage, Ketea [ ] Atma of Apparitions: Evasion: Minor, Wind Elemental Attack: Major, Seps [ ] Atma of the Shimmering Shell: Agility+: Minor, Fire Elemental Attack: Minor, Xan [ ] Atma of the Murky Miasma: Dark Elemental+: Superior(50 resist), Resist Stun+: Major, Chhir Batti [ ] Atma of the Avaricious Ape: Haste+: Minor, Monster Correlation:?, Hanuman

Abyssea - Western Altepa Desert

[ ] Atma of the Merciless Matriarch: Magic Accuracy+: Superior, Fast Cast: Superior (Same elemental magic as weather), Enmity-: Superior [ ] Atma of the Brother Wolf: "Magic Atk. Bonus": Superior, "Magic Def. Bonus": Minor, Dark Elemenental Magic +: Superior [x] Atma of the Earth Wyrm: Earth Elemental Magic +: Superior, Damage taken-: Minor, Gain full benefit of Earthsday/earth weather bonuses, Dragua [x] Atma of the Ascending One: Wind Elemental Magic +: Superior, Haste+: Major, Enhances "Snapshot" effect: Minor Bennu [x] Atma of the Scorpion Queen: Store TP+: Major, Critical Hit Rate+: Minor, Enhances "Resist Bind" effect: Superior, Hedjedjet [ ] Atma of a Thousand Needles: HP+: Major (20%), MP+: Major (20%), DEX+: Minor (10), Cuijatender [ ] Atma of the Burning Effigy: STR+: Minor, Fire Weapon Skill Damage+: Major, Gain full benefit of Firesday/fire weather bonuses, Brulo [ ] Atma of the Smiting Blow: TP Bonus: Superior, (2H weapon equipped) Weapon Skill Accuracy+: Superior, Ironclad Smiter [ ] Atma of the Lone Wolf: Attack+: Minor, Fire Attack+: Major, Amarok [ ] Atma of the Crimson Scale: Haste+: Minor, Enmity-: Minor, Hazhdiha [ ] Atma of the Scarlet Wing: Elemental Magic Skill+: Major, Gain full benefit of Windsday/wind weather bonuses, Ouzelum [ ] Atma of the Raised Tail: Attack+: Minor, Enhances "Resist Paralyze" effect: Superior [ ] Atma of the Sand Emperor: Accuracy+: Major, Evasion+: Major

Abyssea - Uleguerand

[ ] Atma of the Omnipotent: DEX+: Superior, Haste+: Superior, Enmity+: Minor [ ] Atma of the War Lion: DEX+: Minor, Thunder Elemental Resistance +: Superior, Gain full benefit of Lightningday/lightning weather bonuses [ ] Atma of the Frozen Fetters: INT+: Minor, Ice Elemental Resistance +: Superior, Gain full benefit of Iceday/ice weather bonuses [x] Atma of the Plaguebringer: "Regen": Minor, "Store TP"+: Major, "Double Attack"+: Minor, Resheph [ ] Atma of the Shrieking One: Defense+: Superior, "Magic Def. Bonus": Minor, Conserve TP: Major, Empousa [ ] Atma of the Holy Mountain: Thunder Elemental Resistance +: Superior, Light Elemental Attack+: Major, Gain full benefit of Lightsday/light weather bonuses, Indrik [ ] Atma of the Lake Lurker: MND+: Minor, Water Elemental Resistance +:Superior, Gain full benefit of Watersday/water weather bonuses, Ogopogo [ ] Atma of the Crushing Cudgel: Accuracy+: Minor, (2H weapon equipped) Weapon Skill Damage+: Minor, Ironclad Triburator [x] Atma of Purgatory: VIT+: Major, INT+: Major, Dhorme Khimaira [ ] Atma of the Blighted Breath: Song Recast Delay-: Superior, Enhances "Dia" effect, Kurs [ ] Atma of the Persistent Predator: "Store TP"+: Major, Occasionally increases TP gained when taking damage, Awahondo [ ] Atma of the Stone God: "Subtle Blow"+: Minor, Enmity+: Major, Blanga [ ] Atma of the Sun Eater: "Store TP"+: Major, Conserve TP: Major, Yaguarigyu

Abyssea - Grauberg

[x] Atma of the Despot: CHR+: Superior (50), Occasionally absorbs magic damage, Save TP: Major [x] Atma of the Solitary One: Triple Attack+: Minor, Breath Damage Taken-: Major, Enhances "Zanshin" effect: Minor [ ] Atma of the Winged Gloom: Enhances resistance against "Death": Major, (HP above 25%) Damage Taken-: Major, (HP above 25%) "Slip Damage": Superior, Azdaja [x] Atma of the Sea Daughter: "Regain": Superior, Slow+: Superior, Daytime: "Regen": Superior, Amphitrite [x] Atma of the Hateful Stream: Depending on Day: Magic Accuracy+: Major, Depending on Day: Enhances Elemental Magic, Depending on Day: Elemental Weapon Skill Damage+: Minor [ ] Atma of the Foe Flayer: MP+: Minor, Daytime: Refresh+: Superior, Addle+: Superior [ ] Atma of the Endless Nightmare: MND+: Minor, Dark Elemental Resistance +: Superior, Gain full benefit of Darksday/dark weather bonuses, Maere [x] Atma of the Sundering Slash: Attack+: Minor, (2H weapon equipped) "Regain"+: Major (3TP/tick) [x] Atma of Entwined Serpents: Attack+: Minor, "Double Attack"+: Major [ ] Atma of the Horned Beast: Accuracy+: Superior, Enhances "Resist Petrify" effect: Superior, Deelgeed [x] Atma of Aquatic Ardor: Occasionally absorbs physical damage, Occasionally absorbs magic damage taken, Melo Melo [x] Atma of the Fallen One: INT+: Major, MND+: Major, Teugghia [ ] Atma of Fires and Flares: AGI+: Minor, Ranged Attack+: Major

Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox [ ] Atma of the Apocalypse: "Triple Attack"+: Superior (15%), Quick Magic (10%), "Auto-Reraise (Reraise III)", Shinryu

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