Days of the Week

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The basis of element-day theory is that there are 8 days in the Vana'diel week. Each corresponds to one of the 8 elements. This is different from the real world where there are only seven days per week.

Template:Fire --> Template:Earth --> Template:Water --> Windsday --> Template:Ice --> Template:Lightning --> Lightsday --> Darksday

A good mnemonic for remembering the order is: FEW WILL Die. Also if you sort the Summoning Magic list after obtaining all Prime Avatars, it will sort by the order of the days.

  • Each day lasts for 24 game hours from 0:00 - 24:00 (57 minutes, 36 seconds Earth Time).
  • There are 25 Vana'diel days per Earth day, 175 Vana'diel days per Earth week (according to above).

See Time See also Vana'diel Clock

Days and Spells[edit]

The days of the week have an influence on spell power. For instance, Lightsday occasionally increases light magic potency by 10% (Cure, Banish, etc) . Likewise, Darksday occasionally decreases Cure potency by 10%. All magic Astral Flow blood pacts are more powerful when used on the day corresponding to their element.

Element Weaknesses[edit]

Template:Fire melts Template:Ice
Template:Ice freezes Wind
Wind erodes Template:Earth
Template:Earth grounds Template:Lightning
Template:Lightning strikes Template:Water
Template:Water extinguishes Template:Fire
Light banishes Dark
Dark consumes Light

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