Craftaholics Anonymous/Guide

Welcome to Craftaholics Anonymous. My name is Egomzez and I am a craftaholic. This is the beginning of a guide to help all other craftaholics be all they can be. Though a little irreverent, I hope this guide helps in understanding the basics and the complexities of crafting in Vana'diel. As I learn I will try to put that learning into this guide, so you will want to come back and check for changes. If you have any suggestions or contributions please add it to the discussion page.

Crafting appears to be a way to make gil or needed gear. It can be frustrating, tedious. and involve numerous recipes and guilds to keep track of. Knowing just the basics, you can begin synth’ing items right away.

My advice to all you future craftaholics as you embark on a craft: pick one and stick to it. To make headway, don't pick too many crafts at once. Trying to do too many crafts at one time can lead you to spending the next few years getting your crafts up.


The basic crafting details include:


The crystal details of the elements contained in crystals include:

Elemental crystals.gif

Gil Making[edit]

Everyone who crafts has it in their heads that crafting can be a profitable venture. Most often crafting can earn enough gil to almost cover the costs of crafting. There is no one method to making gil and depending style of gaming will differentiate the means used to generate gil. As skill level increases its important to make enough gil to get back most of what is invested in the process. Higher skill level can enable the generation of gil to afford things needed to progress through the game. See:

How to make gil from synthing

Single Craft Recipes[edit]

As you might notice people make all sorts of guides for individual crafting. This guide is unique in that it assumes everyone is dabbling in a few crafts. Sometimes guides are misleading because an individual already has multiple crafts leveled and the recipes they encourage being made are multi-craft recipes. Which isn't going to help those of us with only one or two crafts. So I am embarking on supporting us craftaholics by making up lists of single craft recipes so you know exactly what you can and can't do, hopefully before you sink gil into ingredients. I am trying to create the tables in color coding by crystal to give you an idea of what elements the crafts are heavy in. I have completed the first list:

Simple Craft Recipes Levels 1 - 10
Simple Craft Recipes Levels 11 - 20
Simple Craft Recipes Levels 21 - 30
Simple Craft Recipes Levels 31 - 40
Simple Craft Recipes Levels 41 - 50

May this be of benefit and if, by chance you see I left some single craft, non key item recipe out holler so we can get it on the list.

Advanced Theory[edit]

Advanced Crafting Theories
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