Aliases: /linkshellmes
Usage: /lsmes [subcommand] "[mes.]"

Allows PC to edit and view their current
linkshell group's welcome message.

Only authorized members can change
these messages.

nothing Displays current set message
set "[mes.]" Change the message.
clear Clear set message.
level [auth._level] Set authority level.
Authority Levels:
ls Linkshell holder.
ps Linkshell and pearlsack holders.
all All members.
Example: /lsmes set Welcome to our new members!


It is possible to omit the "set" subcommand like so: /lsmes "[mes.]"
Only the Linkshell holder may set Linkshell message Authority Levels.
Default authority level is Linkshell holder and Pearlsack holders (/lsmes level ps) until it is changed by the Linkshell holder.
Depending on the established Authority Level, a player may not be able to change the Linkshell welcome message.
Quotes are not required when setting a new message. Placing quotes around the message will cause the message to show in quotes when displayed.
With the ability to equip a second linkshell as of January 13, 2015 and as of the March 26, 2015 Version Updates, you MUST have a linkshell equipped as your main linkshell (set on slot 1) in order to edit the linkshell message.
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