Aliases: /acmd
Usage: /alliancecmd [subcommand]
Description: Executes various alliance commands.

Subcommand Description Example
add Invite a party to your alliance.
(party member must be targeted)
/acmd add Bob
leave Leave the alliance. /acmd leave
kick [name] Kick a party from your alliance. /acmd kick Bobthetaru
breakup Break your alliance into the original parties. /acmd breakup
leader [name] Pass alliance leadership to another party leader in the alliance. /acmd leader Bob


A hidden subcommand, leader, allows alliance leaders to hand leadership over to another party leader in the alliance.
When using the add subcommand, you must...
be a party leader who is not in an alliance, or an alliance leader.
select a party leader who is not in an alliance and does not have any pending incoming or outgoing invitations.
You can send alliance invites to party leaders using the Form button in the Search Results dialog, but they must be in the same zone as you.
To use the leave subcommand, you can be any party leader in an alliance.
To use the kick or breakup subcommands, you must be an alliance leader.
If there are any items in the treasure pool, they will be lost if the alliance is dissolved with breakup.

Related Commands[edit]

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