Citadel Buster

Deals extreme Light damage to players in an area of effect. Additional effect: Enmity reset


  • Family: Biotechnological Weapons
  • Type: Magical
  • Can be dispelled: N/A
  • Utsusemi/Blink absorb: Ignores shadows
  • Range: 20' radial around target
  • Notes: Used only by Proto-Ultima during phase 5. It uses a 30-second countdown as it readies it, during which it stops attacking and only draws in whomever currently has hate. Target is set at the end of countdown, but the move can be stunned. Damage from this attack can exceed 2000. May rarely use it again afterwards.
    • Damage can be approximated based on Calculating Weapon Skill Damage as a magical WS with a level of 85, fTP of 6 and MAB of 4.0. Or, more simply:
      • 2088/(1+MDB%) * (256-MDT)/256 (no day/weather bonus)
      • 2608/MDB * (256-MDT)/256 (weather bonus)
      • 2816/MDB * (256-MDT)/256 (day+weather bonus)
      • i.e. BRD/WHM (MDB+12) with Shell IV (-56/256 MDT) would take 2088/1.12*(256-56)/256, or about 1456 damage with no day/weather bonus.
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