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[[{{SUBST:Chatnachoq}}|   ]]
Gender: Female
Race: Moblin
Affiliation: Jeuno
Occupation: Moblin Maze Mongers Item Exchange
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[[{{SUBST:Chatnachoq}}|   ]]
Type: Moblin Maze Mongers NPC
Location: Lower Jeuno (H-9)

Involved in Events:


Equipment Sold[edit]

Dialogue Option Marble Cost Item
Trade for Equipment 10 Eyepatch
100 Noble Poulaines
200 Caver's Shovel
300 Spelunker's Helm
400 Club Hammer

Maze Tabula and Vouchers Sold[edit]

Dialogue Option Marble Cost Item
Trade for a Maze Tabula 1 Maze Tabula M01*
100 Maze Tabula M02 
Maze Tabula M03 
Trade for a Maze Voucher 1 Maze Voucher 01*
100 Maze Voucher 02 
Maze Voucher 03 
Maze Voucher 04 
Maze Voucher 05 
Maze Voucher 06 
Maze Voucher 07 
Maze Voucher 08 
Maze Voucher 09 
*Maze Tabula M01 and Maze Voucher 01 can also be purchased for 100 gil by selecting the "Come on, take my gil" option

Maze Titles Sold[edit]

Dialogue Option Title* Marble Cost** Maze Experience Required***
Trade for a Title Maze Wanderer 10 10 mazes cleared
Maze Navigator 100 50 mazes cleared
Maze Scholar 500 ~100 mazes cleared

Verification Needed

Maze Artisan 1000 ~500 mazes cleared

Verification Needed

Maze Overlord Information Needed Information Needed
*As of the Feb '09 Dengeki Developer Interview Maze titles have no additional effects.
**Titles you've already purchased are reobtainable for 1 moblin marble.
***Titles become available after a character has gained enough "Maze Experience", earned by successfully clearing mazes; see talk page for discussion

Maze Runes Sold[edit]

Chatnachoq sells the following Maze Runes in exchange for Moblin Marbles.

Dialogue Option Marble Cost Class* Item**
Trade for a Maze Rune 100 2 Maze Rune 001 Aquan
Maze Rune 002 Amorph
Maze Rune 003 Bird
Maze Rune 098 Insurance Contract
3 Maze Rune 071 Onslaught
Maze Rune 072 Protection
Maze Rune 075 Force of Will
Maze Rune 076 Steady Mind
Maze Rune 103 Amnesiac's Trial
Maze Rune 104 Trial by Silence
4 Maze Rune 100 Trial by Velocity
Maze Rune 101 Trial by Budget
Maze Rune 102 Trial by Numbers
200 2 Maze Rune 004 Beast
Maze Rune 005 Lizard
Maze Rune 006 Vermin
Maze Rune 007 Plantoid
3 Maze Rune 021 Fire
Maze Rune 022 Ice
Maze Rune 023 Wind
Maze Rune 024 Earth
Maze Rune 025 Thunder
Maze Rune 026 Water
Maze Rune 027 Light
Maze Rune 028 Darkness
Maze Rune 073 Accuracy
Maze Rune 074 Evasion
Maze Rune 113 Shortcut
4 Maze Rune 099 Replenishment Contract
300 2 Maze Rune 008 Undead
Maze Rune 009 Arcana
Maze Rune 013 Great Warrior
Maze Rune 014 Tiny Warrior
Maze Rune 015 Motion
Maze Rune 016 Stillness
Maze Rune 018 Might
Maze Rune 019 Weakness
3 Maze Rune 079 Rapid Strike
Maze Rune 107 Reinforcement Contract
5 Maze Rune 110 Camaraderie Contract
400 2 Maze Rune 095 Swift Synthesis
3 Maze Rune 077 Flurry of Blows
Maze Rune 078 Critical
Maze Rune 080 Volubility
4 Maze Rune 111 Goldagrik's Generosity
500 3 Maze Rune 029 Strength
Maze Rune 030 Dexterity
Maze Rune 031 Agility
Maze Rune 032 Vitality
Maze Rune 033 Intellect
Maze Rune 034 Mind
Maze Rune 035 Charisma
Maze Rune 036 Hardiness
Maze Rune 037 Mysticism
Maze Rune 082 Prospector
Maze Rune 083 Woodsman
Maze Rune 084 Harvester
Maze Rune 112 Obscured Entrance
4 - -
5 Maze Rune 094 Lost and Found
*Class denotes number of squares the rune takes up on the Maze Tabula.
**See Category:Maze Runes for more information.
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