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Live events are game-related activities that generally take place at special real life events such as the fan festival in 2006 or the Japanese 5th anniversary party. These events generally occur on special [[::Category: Servers| servers]] specifically for the event. Only people physically present at these real-life events are generally able to participate in the live event in the game. These events usually consist of special contests or challenges, such as a special Battlefield encounter with pre-made characters or the player's characters copied from the server they actually play on; or Player-Versus-Player competitions.

Historically, these activities have all been one-time occurrences, as are the events that they were held at. However, the "Heroes' Combat" has happened more than once, though the battle was different each time. In some cases, in-game footage of the event has been broadcast live on the official website's Live Vana'diel game camera.

Usually, these events do not produce any in-game reward for the players involved; however, players from the winning team of each server's Ballista Royale team received a Stars Cap and (Needs confirmation) the winners of the Japan and North American Ballista Royale championships also received Laurel Crowns.

List of Live Events[edit]

The following is a list of known activities that have taken place at official Square-Enix gatherings.

  • Boss Battle Bash: Contest held at the Square-Enix booth at the 2005 E3 show; Prizes were offered for defeating special versions of known Battlefields specifically for the event. The more difficult the battle selected and won, the better the prize.
  • Japanese Ballista Royale Verification Needed: Japanese PvP competition
  • English Ballista Royale (Including exhibition match against winner of the japanese competition): North American PVP competition, held at the Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival 2006
  • Hero's Combat 1: A special battle with level 60 characters in the player's choice of jobs using said job's AF against the main characters of the 3 nation's storylines.
  • Hero's Combat 2: Same as above except the battle was against the main characters of the Chains of Promathia storyline; Held at the Premier Site Summit- May 2007 and played by representatives of Square-Enix's Premier Sites invited to the summit.
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