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Vana'diel boasts 5 major centers of population, or Cities. These range in architecture based on their populations as well as the principal forms of trade in each city.

Republic of Bastok
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Bastokan Architecture is a mix of the practical, the inventive and the austere. With separate areas of this city housing different layers of its civilization, and with the ingenuity displayed by the Bastokan populace at finding solutions to problems, strange structures and marvels befall the eye at almost every turn!

Overview of BastokPort BastokBastok MarketsBastok MarketsMetalworksMetalworksBastok MinesBastok Mines
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Kingdom of San d'oria

San d'Orian Architecture, created by the long established military and regal traditions, is based around castles, towers and spires. The San d'Orian skyline is unmistakable while the finish of the structures is of high quality and craftsmanship. With every stone perfectly in its place, the city has a crisp, clean look.

Overview of San d'OriaPort San d'OriaChateau d'OraguilleNorthern San d'OriaResidential AreaSouthern San d'Oria
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Federation of Windurst

Windurstian Architecture is based around the mindset of the Tarus, with some Mithran influence to keep them somewhat on course. Whilst Windurst is the center of mystic and magic, it's architecture and planning is not forgiving to short legs! The Taru reliance on magic means that warping around is better than walking, but read on!

Overview of WindurstResidential AreaWindurst Waters ArchitectureWindurst Walls ArchitectureWindurst Woods ArchitecturePort Windurst ArchitecturePort Windurst ArchitectureHeavens Tower Architecture
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Jeunoan Architecture is, in a word, vertical! Built over a bridge spanning the continents of Quon and Mindartia, the city is layer upon layer of broad streets, well-appointed homes and shops, and possessing a large residential area. The crowning glory of this wedding cake of a city that marries together the western nations is undoubtedly the palace in Ru'Lude Gardens, but there is much more to see here!

Overview of JeunoResidential AreaRu'Lude Gardens ArchitectureUpper Jeuno ArchitectureLower Jeuno ArchitecturePort Jeuno Architecture
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Aht Urhgan

Aht Urhgan is the eastern empire of the known world. There are lands lying further east, but little is known of these. Aht Urhgan comprises one large city divided into 3 wards - Al Zahbi is the commoners ward, and prone to Beastmen attacks, Whitegate is the merchants ward and more secure, while to the east lies the inaccessible Imperial ward which houses the Empress and her staff, along with senior members of the Empire. Commoners and adventurers need not apply.

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