Beyond the Stars

Start NPC Nomad Moogle - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 81
Items Needed Kindred's Crest x 10
5 stored Merit Points
Repeatable No
Reward Raises level cap to 90
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Expanding Horizons Dormant Powers Dislodged


  • Talk to the Nomad Moogle in Ru'Lude Gardens as a level 81+ job to start the quest.
  • Trade the Nomad Moogle ten Kindred's Crests while having five stored Merit Points for a cutscene.
  • Speak to the Nomad Moogle again to start a minigame involving Maat and Degenhard.
  • This minigame is similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors.
    • Raging Beast (Red) beats Silent Wind (Blue)
    • Soaring Dragon (Green) beats Raging Beast (Red)
    • Silent Wind (Blue) beats Soaring Dragon (Green)
  • To win a round, you must give Maat a color stance that overtakes Degenhard. After five rounds, the other will yield. If Degenhard defeats Maat, you must redo the minigame from the beginning, but you will gain a handicap for every consecutive loss.
    • You can select "Assess the situation" to determine how close either is to winning the match.
    • Degenhard's choice is completely random, according to a robust statistical analysis (n=102). This means that any choice is as good as any other. See Talk page for details.
  • Once you complete the minigame successfully, your level cap is increased to 90.

Game Description[edit]

Nomad Moogle (Grand Duke Palace, Ru'Lude Gardens)
The nomad moogle claims to have perfected another procedure that will send your powers burgeoning to even greater heights. Acquire ten Kindred's crests and five merit points if you fancy yourself ready for the undertaking.
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