Better the Demon You Know

Start NPC Koblakiq - Oldton Movalpolos (H-11)
Items Needed Demon Pen
Title Granted Apostate for Hire
Repeatable No
Reward Goblin Grenade
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For the Birds None


  • Note that the surrounding demons will all link with them, so pulling them to the side is recommended.
  • The minions are relatively weak and can be slept.
  • The Marquis Andrealphus will do an Escape special that Escapes whoever is currently tanking, sending them out of the zone into Xarcabard. This special goes off around 66% and 33% health on the Marquis. If you are Escaped, zone back in the castle before they are all defeated to get the key item, or you may have to repeat the fight.
  • After Andrealphus is defeated, the other 4 will die automatically.


  • Marquis Andrealphus cannot use his Escape ability on the last person, or if you are soloing.
  • If you plan on attacking the main NM and ignoring the other four, it is suggested to not try and keep Utsusemi up. Unless you have extremely high evasion it will be worn down shortly if not immediately after casting.
  • The 4 minions are very weak: a Dancing Edge from a level 75 THF/NIN can one-shot them.
  • Various level 75 jobs can solo; ninja subjob suggested for melee.
  • Pulled safely without the Demon Banneret and Demon Secretary linking, pulled from the gate end, cleared area and popped Marquis Andrealphus from max distance.
  • Easily soloed by a PUP75/THF37 with an automaton set with WHM head/ RDM frame. Just recommend taking out the Bannerets first as their DD is more apt to hurt than the mages' DoT spells. Avoided over 50% of the attacks.
  • Very easy to solo as MNK75/DNC37. Even with -14 evasion from gear they could barely hit me. Ended the fight missing about 100 HP, having only used Chakra (3/5 merits) and Drain Samba II for healing. The rest of my TP was used on WSs.

Game Description[edit]

Koblakiq (Oldton Movalpolos)
Zeelozok has set out on a journey to destroy the Kindred's Divinity of Darkness. Koblakiq wants you to find her a "Demon pen" so she can learn more about their demon adversaries.
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