Adventuring Fellow/Faces

Here is a diagram of the possible faces for your Adventuring Fellow, as determined in the quest Unlisted Qualities:

Hume ♂ Hume ♀ Elvaan ♂ Elvaan ♀ Tarutaru ♂ Tarutaru ♀ Mithra Galka
1A Hume ♂ (face 1a) Hume ♀ (face 1a) Elvaan ♂ (face 1a) Elvaan ♀ (face 1a) Tarutaru ♂ (face 1a) Tarutaru ♀ (face 1a) Mithra (face 1a) Galka (face 1a)
1B Hume ♂ (face 1b) Hume ♀ (face 1b) Elvaan ♂ (face 1b) Elvaan ♀ (face 1b) Tarutaru ♂ (face 1b) Tarutaru ♀ (face 1b) Mithra (face 1b) Galka (face 1b)
2A Hume ♂ (face 2a) Hume ♀ (face 2a) Elvaan ♂ (face 2a) Elvaan ♀ (face 2a) Tarutaru ♂ (face 2a) Tarutaru ♀ (face 2a) Mithra (face 2a) Galka (face 2a)
2B Hume ♂ (face 2b) Hume ♀ (face 2b) Elvaan ♂ (face 2b) Elvaan ♀ (face 2b) Tarutaru ♂ (face 2b) Tarutaru ♀ (face 2b) Mithra (face 2b) Galka (face 2b)
3A Hume ♂ (face 3a) Hume ♀ (face 3a) Elvaan ♂ (face 3a) Elvaan ♀ (face 3a) Tarutaru ♂ (face 3a) Tarutaru ♀ (face 3a) Mithra (face 3a) Galka (face 3a)
3B Hume ♂ (face 3b) Hume ♀ (face 3b) Elvaan ♂ (face 3b) Elvaan ♀ (face 3b) Tarutaru ♂ (face 3b) Tarutaru ♀ (face 3b) Mithra (face 3b) Galka (face 3b)
4A Hume ♂ (face 4a) Hume ♀ (face 4a) Elvaan ♂ (face 4a) Elvaan ♀ (face 4a) Tarutaru ♂ (face 4a) Tarutaru ♀ (face 4a) Mithra (face 4a) Galka (face 4a)
4B Hume ♂ (face 4b) Hume ♀ (face 4b) Elvaan ♂ (face 4b) Elvaan ♀ (face 4b) Tarutaru ♂ (face 4b) Tarutaru ♀ (face 4b) Mithra (face 4b) Galka (face 4b)
5A Hume ♂ (face 5a) Hume ♀ (face 5a) Elvaan ♂ (face 5a) Elvaan ♀ (face 5a) Tarutaru ♂ (face 5a) Tarutaru ♀ (face 5a) Mithra (face 5a) Galka (face 5a)
5B Hume ♂ (face 5b) Hume ♀ (face 5b) Elvaan ♂ (face 5b) Elvaan ♀ (face 5b) Tarutaru ♂ (face 5b) Tarutaru ♀ (face 5b) Mithra (face 5b) Galka (face 5b)
6A Hume ♂ (face 6a) Hume ♀ (face 6a) Elvaan ♂ (face 6a) Elvaan ♀ (face 6a) Tarutaru ♂ (face 6a) Tarutaru ♀ (face 6a) Mithra (face 6a) Galka (face 6a)
6B Hume ♂ (face 6b) Hume ♀ (face 6b) Elvaan ♂ (face 6b) Elvaan ♀ (face 6b) Tarutaru ♂ (face 6b) Tarutaru ♀ (face 6b) Mithra (face 6b) Galka (face 6b)
7A Hume ♂ (face 7a) Hume ♀ (face 7a) Elvaan ♂ (face 7a) Elvaan ♀ (face 7a) Tarutaru ♂ (face 7a) Tarutaru ♀ (face 7a) Mithra (face 7a) Galka (face 7a)
7B Hume ♂ (face 7b) Hume ♀ (face 7b) Elvaan ♂ (face 7b) Elvaan ♀ (face 7b) Tarutaru ♂ (face 7b) Tarutaru ♀ (face 7b) Mithra (face 7b) Galka (face 7b)
8A Hume ♂ (face 8a) Hume ♀ (face 8a) Elvaan ♂ (face 8a) Elvaan ♀ (face 8a) Tarutaru ♂ (face 8a) Tarutaru ♀ (face 8a) Mithra (face 8a) Galka (face 8a)
8B Hume ♂ (face 8b) Hume ♀ (face 8b) Elvaan ♂ (face 8b) Elvaan ♀ (face 8b) Tarutaru ♂ (face 8b) Tarutaru ♀ (face 8b) Mithra (face 8b) Galka (face 8b)
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