A Chocobo Riding Game

A Chocobo Riding Game is a series of quests that can be randomly picked up at a Chocobo Stable. They are not always available, and any of the NPCs that rent chocobos can give the quest. The NPC that gives the quest changes from left to right each Vana'diel day, and you may have to wait 2 Vana'diel days to access the route you want to attempt, with the Kazham quest being the exception. These quests involve starting at a city, and delivering a chocobo to another city in one run. If you get off the chocobo, either voluntarily or by running out of time, you lose. The rewards vary by the time it takes you to deliver the chocobo. It can be quite challenging to get the best reward. Regardless of whether you finish the quest or not, you can not attempt another quest of this type until the next conquest tally (once weekly).

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