Xarcabard, Land of Truths

Mission Name Xarcabard, Land of Truths
Number 5-2
Start NPC Any Bastok Gate Guard
Title Granted Shadow Banisher
Reward Rank 6
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Darkness Rising Return of the Talekeeper

Recommended: Level 70+ and ability to do physical and magical damage, or level 55+ party.


Baileys Map 1
Baileys Map 2
Keep Map 1
Keep Map 2
Keep Map 3
Keep Map 4
  • This mission requires a certain level of Rank Bar. Complete some repeatable missions or trade up to 24 crystals (12 light/dark) Information Needed to a Conquest Overseer.
  • Before talking to President Karst (K-8) in the President's Office in Metalworks, you must see a gate guard to accept the mission. Select Xarcabard, Land of Truths. After talking to the gate guard travel to the Metalworks and speak to President Karst for a cutscene.
  • Travel to the Throne Room within Castle Zvahl Keep.
    • If you already have the Home Point outside the Throne Room in Castle Zvahl Keep, take it. If not don't forget to grab it when you get there.
    • Tigers, Demons, and assorted Beastmen along the path will sight-aggro, and Ahriman will aggro by sight and sound. The highest level mob will be 53, so players below level 70 or so will need sneak/invis to avoid aggro.
    • From Beaucedine Glacier, travel to (F-6) to enter Xarcabard.
    • Enter Castle Zvahl Baileys at (D-7/8).
    • Hug the outside of the map on the lower level until you get to the NW corner of G-8.
    • Go east under the bridge at the NW corner of G-8, the turn left.
    • Follow the pathway down until you get to the SE corner of G-7.
    • Go up the steps and go east.
    • Go west up a set of stairs into map 2.
    • Enter Map 2 at (F-8).
    • Head to the Goblin circle at H/I-7/6 in Castle Zvahl Baileys Map 2 and jump all the way to the bottom. Then go down the hallway, up the steps, under the bridge, take a right, take a quick left, up the steps and take the door on the left to enter Zvahl Keep.
    • Enter Castle Zvahl Keep at (F-8).
    • Enter Map 2 at exit A (H-6) or B (H-10).
    • Enter Map 3 at exit C (E-8).
    • Stand on the dais in the middle of the room until a glowing symbol appears. It will teleport you to the upper level.
    • Exit the room and stand on the dais you encounter until it teleports you again. Repeat this process two more times. The final dais will teleport you to Map 4.
    • Enter the Throne Room at (G-7). Don't forget the Home Point!
  • Examine the door at the end of the path to enter the Battlefield "The Shadow Lord Battle."
    • Only players who are in the mission corresponding to this battle (Mission 5-2 for any of the starting nations) or have beat it under current nationality can enter the battlefield.
      • Characters completing this mission for the second time are immediately given the defeat cut-scene and key item.
    • Trusts can be summoned once inside the battlefield.
    • This Battlefield has a level cap of 99. Buffs will wear upon entry.
    • The time limit is 30 minutes.
    • Your opponent is the Shadow Lord. The fight has two phases.
    • In the first phase he will begin in a stance that grants him magic immunity. Every 5 minutes or after taking 1000 damage, he will change between magic stance and melee stance, which gives him physical immunity.
      • In magic stance he will primarily use tier 2 elemental spells and debuffs. He tends to use the weaponskill Dark Nova when he is about to switch to melee stance.
      • In melee stance he uses the weaponskills Giga Slash, Kick Back, and Umbra Smash.
    • A cutscene will play after you defeat his first phase. He will immediately attack you in phase two.
      • In this phase he will spam Implosion. If you are attempting this fight with a lower-level party, it is typically best to zerg him.
    • The Shadow Lord gives experience points equal to a Level 60 mob.
  • After the fight you will be transported to the entrance of Castle Zvahl Baileys. You will receive the Key ItemShadow Fragment.
  • Talk to President Karst to finish the mission.

Upon Completion[edit]

Game Description

Mission Orders
You must go to Castle Zvahl in Xarcabard. The President himself will brief you in his office.
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