Ward Warden I (Vunkerl)

Start NPC Resistance Sapper - Abyssea - Vunkerl (I-9)
Items Needed Key ItemMagicked hempen sack
Repeatable Yes (one Resistance Ops quest per Vana'diel day)
Reward Varying amount of Cruor and Resistance Credits

Zero to one of :
Aoidos' Seal: Feet (BRD)
Sylvan Seal: Feet (RNG)
Tantra Seal: Feet (MNK)
Raider's Seal: Feet (THF)
Ferine Seal: Feet (BST)
Iga Seal: Feet (NIN)
Unkai Seal: Feet (SAM)
Estoqueur's Seal: Feet (RDM)
Mavi Seal: Feet (BLU)
Creed Seal: Feet (PLD)
Caller's Seal: Feet (SMN)
Goetia Seal: Feet (BLM)
Savant's Seal: Feet (SCH)
Charis Seal: Feet (DNC)


  • The enchanted sack size appears to be random (more testing needed to verify) as does the values of the objects,through repeated testing these results seem to apply.
  • Too many items will cause the sack to tear, making you lose the sack, failing the mission. if this happens you may report back to a Resistance Sapper to attempt the mission again the same day.
  • "Pointy" objects will fill up the sack the fastest, but has the highest risk of tearing the sack.
  • "Jagged" objects are balanced towards filling up the sack, and has a reduced risk of tearing.
  • "Round" objects fill up the sack the least, and is the easiest for "topping off" to get the bag squeaking full without tearing, though it still may occur.
  • Cruor and resistance amounts vary depending on how full the sack is (but not how many items are in the sack).
    • A sack that is "Squeaking with extreme urgency" will yield the best reward, 1000-1200 Cruror and 70-130 Resistance Credits.
    • A sack that is "Squeaking under the tension" yields ~500 Cruor and ~60 Resistance Credits.
    • A sack that is "A Little Bit taught" may only yield 200-400 Cruor and 35-45 Resistance Credits.
  • Cramming the sack with the same objects in the same order can give you different results from one day to another, if it isn't random then there is some other variable changing the object weight or the sack capacity.

Effect on Bastion[edit]

  • Completing this quest increases the Martello health as well as all the Clone Wards health. If some Clone wards were destroy they will reappear.
  • The increase depends on the succes of the quest.
  • With a bag just a bit taunt, the Martello health increase by 1% and the Clone Wards by 2%.Verification Needed
  • With a bag showing signs of stretching, the Martello health increase by 2% and the Clone Wards by 5%.Verification Needed
  • With a bag squeaking, the Martello health increase by 3% and the Clone Wards by 10%.Verification Needed
  • With extreme squeaking, The Martello health increases by 4% and the Clone Wards by 13%.Verification Needed

Reported Combination

    • Filled my sack with 2 pointy, 2 jagged, and 4 round objects. Got 1000 Cruor and 70 Resistance Credits. Sack was "Squeaking with extreme urgency".
      • Filled my sack w/ above objects again and sack status only stated "a little bit taut."
    • Cramming Order: Pointy, Round, Jagged, Round, Pointy, Round, Jagged, Round. Got "extreme urgency" again.
      • I Filled my sack with all round objects and got the sack is "squeaking with Extreme Urgency" ***

Game Description[edit]

Resistance Sapper (Main Outpost, Abyssea - Vunkerl)
It is imperative that the pulse martello and the clone wards are kept in prime condition. The operation requires you to transport necessary repair materials from the stockpile, using the enchanted sack provided. Be mindful that the sack does not rupture in the process.
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