Waking the Beast/Plot Details


Game Script[edit]

Waking the Beast - La Theine Plateau


Waking the Beast - Cloister of Flames
Waking the Beast - Cloister of Flames
Waking the Beast - Cloister of Frost
Shiva: Who disturbs my slumber?

I watch by your side, and I see you belong to neither the old or the new...
I have become aware of your mortality...

Waking the Beast - Cloister of Frost
Shiva: What are you planning...?

To where do you take my power...?
This world is no dream...
The world I dream of is no illusion...
Your kind has forgotten its divinity...
Heed my words.
The creature...Carbuncle? It is a false god.
And your world is a finite thing.
Remember your divine origin. Only then can we help you.

Waking the Beast - Cloister of Gales
Waking the Beast - Cloister of Gales
Waking the Beast - Cloister of Tides
Waking the Beast - Cloister of Tides
Waking the Beast - Cloister of Storms
Waking the Beast - Cloister of Storms
Waking the Beast - Cloister of Tremors
Waking the Beast - Cloister of Tremors
Waking the Beast - The Full Moon Fountian
Carbuncle: <Player's Name>

Have you brought the power of the six sleeping gods?

Carbuncle: Infuse me with the energy...

Carbuncle: !?

Ifrit: False god.
You mar the name of the true deities.

Carbuncle: Ifrit!?

Carbuncle: How could this be?
The old gods were not yet meant to awaken!

Leviathan: We allow the divided god to be filled with our power.

Garuda: But the false god will never have our strength.

Shiva: Those who came before shall remain, while those who came after shall perish...

Titan: Our energy will return to us.
No longer shall it serve the trickster.

Ramuh: Return to the true gods!

Carbuncle: The fountain!

Carbuncle: The sleeping gods are draining it of power...

Carbuncle: I cannot allow this!

Carbuncle: <Player's Name>, you must dismiss the avatars!

Ifrit: How amusing.
Are you confused, mortal?

Ifrit: Did you meet us in battle at the behest of this creature?

Ifrit: Now it is clear.
Yet we will not be commanded by one such as you.

Carbuncle: It's hopeless...
There's only one thing left for me to do.
Defeat the summoner!

Carbuncle: <Player's Name>!
You cannot control them!
I'm sorry, but their connection to this world must be severed!

Waking the Beast - The Full Moon Fountain- Dialoge
First Avatar: Leave the affairs of gods to gods, mortal.

If you choose to stay, then be prepared to face our wrath!

Upon defeat:

Ramuh: Tainted justice...
This is what...has truly...destroyed you...

Shiva: Warped logic...
This is what...has truly...divided you...

Garuda: Baseless ties...
These are what...have truly...cursed you...

Ifrit: False gods...
They are the ones...who have...betrayed you...

Titan: Corrupted power...
This is what...has truly misled you...

Leviathan: Deceptive appearances...
These are what...have truly been...your downfall...

Waking the Beast - The Full Moon Fountain
Carbuncle: ...

Carbuncle: <Player's Name>...
The sleeping gods do not exist to lead you...

Carbuncle: They exist to lead a lost god...
My friends and I are here for you...for mortals...

Carbuncle: There is...no longer...a god...

Carbuncle: Please...
The power...you have regained...from Ifrit and the others...

Carbuncle: You must...return it...to the fountain...

<retuned choice>

Carbuncle: Thank you...
You have made it possible for the children of Vana'diel...

Carbuncle: ...to continue their existence unchanged...

Waking the Beast - La Thiene Plateau
Carbuncle: Thank you for bringing the shell of my avatar, <Player's Name>.

Carbuncle: I thought that you would never return to this place.
I threatened your life, even if it was for the purpose of defeating the sleeping gods.

Carbuncle: But you fought me with every ounce of your strength, and bent the power of those slumbering deities to your will.

Carbuncle: That is what saved us at the end.

Carbuncle: You were never meant to submit to the will of the sleeping gods.
And I will never lose my faith in the children of Vana'diel.

Carbuncle: Even those ancient beings will one day learn the great truth from mortals.

Carbuncle: So I want for you to have this.
Lend me your strength again, Bearstar.
We will succeed in waking my old friend.

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