Trust: Naja Salaheem (UC)

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[[{{SUBST:Trust: Naja Salaheem (UC)}}|   ]]
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Naja Salaheem
Race: Mithra
Job: THF/WARVerification Needed
Role: Melee Fighter
Weapon: Club
[[{{SUBST:Trust: Naja Salaheem (UC)}}|   ]]
[[{{SUBST:Trust: Naja Salaheem (UC)}}|   ]]

Spell Cost:

0 MP
Magic Type: Trust
Jobs: All jobs level 1
Casting Time: 5 seconds
Recast Time: 240 seconds
Obtained: Join Naja Salaheem's Unity Concord faction and complete any one of Trust: San d'Oria, Trust: Bastok, or Trust: Windurst.


  • Must have a personal evaluation of five points or greater during the Unity ranking tabulation period. [1]
    • Changing Unities, or having a personal evaluation lower than five points for two consecutive ranking tabulation periods will make Trust: Naja Salaheem (UC) unavailable.
    • Raising personal evaluation up to five points during the Unity ranking tabulation period will make it possible to call forth Trust: Naja Salaheem (UC) again.
  • Unity leader Alter Egos receive bonuses to all stats based on the Unity ranking held at the time of summoning.
  • Melees and uses weapon skills exclusively.
  • Has Double Attack and Triple Attack.
  • Chooses one weapon skill when summoned and uses it exclusively. Re-summoning will change the selected weapon skill, although there is a 1/5 chance of it being the same one again. Her TP gain is very high, so with songs or Haste II, she'll frequently self-skillchain with Justicebreaker. She will not intentionally close skillchains, however. Alternatively, using Black Halo or Hexa Strike will open Light skillchains for the player or other trusts to close resulting in long strings of multiple consecutive Light skillchains and magic bursts. Against higher level enemies her usefulness may wane, as she often does 0 damage against them even at iLevel 119, resulting in no TP gain.


  • Summon: Everything I do is in the name of the empire!
  • Summon (while Unity is ranked high): My Unity is made up only of Vana'diel's finest...and you!
  • Summon (while wearing Naja Unity Shirt): Is that gilded!?
  • Dismiss: Another fine catch!
  • Death: I can feel my hair...standing on end.

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