Trial Size Trial by Lightning/Plot Details


Game Script[edit]

Trial Size Trial by Lightning - Mhaura
Trial Size Trial by Lightning - Cloister of Storms
You are standing near the protocrystal, looking at it.

The mini tuning fork of lightning begins to softly resonate with the protocrystal.

The camera begins to wildly tilt and zoom, then opens on sweeping views of the battlefield. Ramuh is speaking, but he is not named.

Who interrupts...
Was I dreaming...? eternity? ...lost...
Which is the real world, and which is the dream? Am I...?

The scene focuses on Ramuh, sleeping inside his crystal.

But enough... Wager your life... ...provide me ...with...amusement.
Are you ready...?

As the camera zooms out, you can be seen standing before Ramuh's crystal, staring into it. He appears before you as if summoned, then you regain control of your character to face him in battle.

Trial Size Trial by Lightning - Cloister of Storms
Ramuh stands before you peacefully. He speaks, but is not named.


He returns to his crystal.

...time that is neither eternity. bring order...

You are teleported out of the battlefield and regain control of your character.

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