Titan's Favor


Titan's Favor is a beneficial status effect that grants increased Defense until it wears off or is removed. The effect increases the longer it remains active, up to a maximum of +62 Defense. It starts with initial +25 defense and adds +4 defense every 3 seconds till the cap is reached.

Cap is reached after 24 seconds (8 x 3-second-ticks) with +32 defense plus the initial +25 at +62 defense in total.

  • all of the above numbers are actually incorrect - the initial def is not capped at +25 (got +27 and +28 with different base def.), it scales with your def and the amount you get also is not capped at +57 (i was able to get a +62 with a base of 341 def). Further, the effect caps out at 75 seconds not 24. So this is an equation where the initial def is scaled as is the total gained (figures are rounded down). Will need more testing to get formula.

How to remove the effect[edit]

  • The effect can be removed manually. The effect remains if Avatar's Favor status is cancelled.
  • The effect is removed when the Summoner changes areas

How the effect is inflicted/gained[edit]

Job Abilities[edit]

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