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The Unfinished Waltz

This is Dancer's Artifact weapon quest - otherwise known as AF1.

Start NPC Laila - Upper Jeuno (G-7)
Requirements Dancer Level 40+
Items Needed Key Item"The Essence of Dance"
Title Granted Promising Dancer
Repeatable Yes, after erasing AF memory
Reward War Hoop
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Lakeside Minuet The Road to Divadom


  • Talk to Laila at (G-7) in Upper Jeuno as a level 40+ Dancer to begin the quest.
  • Next, talk to Rhea Myuliah right beside her.
  • Travel to Grauberg (S) and check the ??? at (F-5) for a cutscene. Avoid true sight Grauberg Hippogryphs along the way.
  • Check the ??? again to spawn NM Migratory Hippogryph.
    • If you zone before checking the ???, it will not spawn; you must receive the cutscene and then spawn the NM without zoning. Therefore, your main job MUST be Dancer for this fight.
    • There are many Sidhe near the ???. However, unlike most pixies, Sidhe do not cure players.
  • Check the ??? again after defeating it to receive Key Item"The Essence of Dance".
    • The Migratory Hippogryph only needs to be defeated once per party/alliance in order for all Dancers on the quest to get the second cutscene and the key item. Just be sure that everyone has examined the ??? at least once for the initial cutscene.
  • If someone has just defeated the NM, it may take a few minutes for the ??? to spawn another Migratory Hippogryph.
  • Navigate to the permanent key item menu and read the key item description.
  • Talk to Laila at (G-7) in Upper Jeuno to receive a War Hoop (you must examine your key item first in order to get the cutscene, and your main job must still be Dancer).

Game Description[edit]

Laila ((G-7), Upper Jeuno)
Troupe Brilioth is aiming for a dance style that will captivate and enchant. Work out how to take your dancing to the next level, then come back and show Laila.
This article uses material from the "The_Unfinished_Waltz" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.