The Sealed Shrine/Plot Details


Game Script[edit]

The Sealed Shrine - Norg
Gilgamesh: Arrrg, so were ya able t'make it t'Tu'Lia?

Gilgamesh: Oh, so ya made them Crystal Warriors walk the plank now, did ya? Then that jus' leaves us with that wee prince. But first, we've got t'find a way into the darn shrine.

Gilgamesh: Is it Eald'narrrch that's keepin' us out, or is it somethin' else?

Gilgamesh: Listen close, Player name.

Gilgamesh: If the prince had already opened the Gate of the Gods, Vana'diel wouldn't be here anymore. But as you can see, nothin's changed so far.

Gilgamesh: Which means all we can do is wait. When Eald'narche makes his move...that's when we attack!

Gilgamesh: You'n me both hate the Zilarrrt makin' fools out of us, but there's nothing much we can do right now.

What Fickie Forgot - Lower Jeuno
Aldo: Aah! I don't know if I can carry on this game with Eald'narche anymore.

Geebeh: Uncle Aldo!

Aldo: I told you kids a thousand times, you're not to be coming around here. If you're looking for Verena, she can't come out right now.

Paya-Sabya: Fickie's...Fickie's seeds...
They've sprouty-wouted!

Aldo: WHat do you mean? There is no way those seeds could grow here in Jeuno...

Geebeh: C'mon! We'll show you!

Paya-Sabya: Looky-looky! You can't see it, but there's a sprouty-wouty under the soil! It's really-willy growing!

Geebeh: The seed we planted--the seed we and Fickie planted--is growing!

Aldo: Well, I'll be...

Verena: Aldo...

Aldo: Verena. The seed you planted with Fickblix has begun to sprout. These kids must have taken real good care of it.

Aldo: What you and Fickblix tried to do...maybe it wasn't all a lost cause.

Verena: I'm so sorry, Fickblix...
I've been caught up in my own troubles recently, and haven't come to check on these seeds.

Fickblix: It sprouted! I knew tha if everybody pitched in, it would grow.

Verena: Fickblix...

Fickblix: It's still just a sprout, but I know it'll bloom someday. I wish I could water it and feed it, too...

Verena: ...

Fickblix: But if everybody keeps working hard, it will bloom. It will!

Verena: Yes, Fickblix. It will bloom. We will make sure that it does.

Fickblix: well, I've got to go now, but I'm not sad anymore. What is that phrase you taught me, Verena?

Fickblix: Yeah, "thank you." That's the first phrase you taught me when I came here.

Fickblix: We beastmen don't have a word for "thank you," but I like that phrase a lot. I wanted to teach it to all my beastmen friends...

Fickblix: Thank you, everybody...

Verena: Fickblix!!!

Verena: I'm so sorry, Fickblix...
If I only had the courage that you had...
I can't do anything...

Aldo: Verena...

Aldo: If Fickblix believed he could get those seeds to grow, then I have to believe there is something I can do.

Aldo: You just wait, Eald'narche! I'm not going to let you stand in our way!

Lion's Promise - The Shrine of Ru'Avitau
You are the great bane--the nightmare that will devour the fair land of Vana'diel and thrust the world into fear and despair.

But as one bright start shines through the clouds at night...

And as one song rings clear above the roar of beasts...

We hold to one hope in these darkest of times.

The darkness must be vanquished.
The bane must be purified.

No matter the consequences.

That they will come, with the wisdom of ages and the strength of thousands, to deliver us from our plight.

We await the awakening of the Warriors of the Crystal.

Lion: So you've made it this far, Player name.

Lion: Wait, don't tell me that I shouldn't be here.

Lion: I know my father forbade me from coming, but I can't just sit back and watch Eald'narche wreak havoc on our Vana'diel. I'm ready to fight to the finish!

Lion: When I first met you, you were just another little fish in a big pond of adventurers.

Lion: But now, look at you. You're putting your life on the line for the fate of all those on Vana'diel...

Lion: Even though no one will know you did.

(Male Character)

Lion: You know...
When this is all over, how about we hop on a ferry and sail around the world, just the two of us?

Lion: Ha ha. It doesn't look like you were ready for that. Well, just think about it, okay?

Lion: I've got to go now.
Don't forget what I said, Player name...

(Female Character)

Lion: You know...
When this is all over, how about we hop on a ferry and sail around the world, just us two girls?

Lion: Ha ha. Well, just think about it, okay?

Lion: I've got to go now.
Don't forget what I said, Player name...

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