The Savage/Plot Details


Game Script[edit]

The Savage - Misareaux Coast
Ulmia: Player name!

You're here!

Ulmia: I hope I did not keep you waiting.
It took some time to convince Justinius...

Justinius: Of course it did.
Even if Prishe were here, there's no way I'd be letting a young lady climb into that den of beasts all alone.

Tenzen: She is not alone.

Justinius: You're that man from the East...

Tenzen: With an experienced adventurer like Player name, and the Phoenix Blade at my side, there is nothing for her to fear.

Tenzen: It would seem that Bahamut is indeed close by.

Tenzen: Now let us begin our climb!

???: Can't let you do that!

Tenzen: Who goes there!?

Cherukiki: Hehehe.

Kukki-Chebukki: Your every move...

Makki-Chebukki: so predictable!

Ulmia: You three...

Makki-Chebukki: Meeting with Bahamut is forbidden!

Kukki-Chebukki: Mister Nag'molada said so!

Cherukiki: Trespassers are to be punished!

Tenzen: What wickedness is this!?

Cherukiki: Time to get warped, lawbreaker!

Makki-Chebukki: She...she cast the wrong warp!?

Kukki-Chebukki: She cast the wrong warp!!!

Justinius: Leave these idiots to me. I'll catch up.

Justinius: It's about time someone taught these pranksters a lesson.

Tenzen: Our thanks, Justinius!

Ulmia: Do not be too harsh on them.

Makki-Chebukki: You're not getting away!

Kukki-Chebukki: Feel my mighty spells!

The Savage (pt.1) - Monarch Linn
Tenzen: What is happening...?

Bahamut: All those who traverse the endless sea of clouds! All those who bear the shadowless sun as they cross the skies! Winged brothers and sisters, hear my call! It is I, Bahamut, king of the wyrms!

Bahamut: Come and gather here before me! The time has come for the fulfillment of the ancient pact!

Ulmia: I've never seen so many dragons...

Tenzen: Not dragons...wyrms.
Their king, Bahamut, has called upon his minions.

Tenzen: And now they gather from all parts of the world to prepare for a war...a war to protect the mothercrystals and Vana'diel!

Tenzen: Wyrmking Bahamut!
Bahamut, conqueror of the skies!

Tenzen: Can you hear me?
It is I, Tenzen!

Tenzen: I have traveled halfway across the world carrying the breath of Phoenix. I have heard your call!

Tenzen: The Keeper of the Apocalypse is among us and its Emptiness has already enveloped three of the mothercrystals.

Tenzen: I have received the blessings of the flame of resurrection. Allow Phoenix and I to accompany you in your efforts to destroy the keeper!

Tenzen: I am here to serve you! I pledge my life and my soul to your cause!

Ulmia: !?

Tenzen: The future of all Vana'diel is in danger, and you mock my sincere request!?

Tenzen: Lord Bahamut!
Are you no better than the ruler of dreams, Diabolos? Do you, too, look down upon my incompleteness!?

Bahamut: Incompleteness is the least of your petty faults!
Open your eyes to the destiny that lies before you--oblivion!

The Savage (pt.2) - Monarch Linn
Bahamut: Phoenix...

You have found yourself quite a brave soul to bear your burdens. Not many can withstand the fury of Ouryu.

Tenzen: !

Bahamut: However, the actions you have chosen to take are useless. While you are fully aware that the children of Altana are powerless against Emptiness, you still drag them into your games.

Tenzen: Bahamut!
In size, we may seem like mere insects to you, but our strength is beyond anything you can imagine!

Tenzen: Our roads lead to the most distant lands, our songs ring out across the seas. When united, there is nothing we cannot do. If you think of this as a game, then it is we who will being victory to Vana'diel!

Tenzen: Bahamut! We fight for the same cause. There is no reason for us to feud. Let us join together and put an end to the Keeper of the Apocalypse!

Bahamut: Silence, child!
I need not hear your whimpering!
Phoenix! I ask you! What is it that you wish!?

Bahamut: Phoenix!
Sing to these children! Tell them of our age!

Innocent blood spills forth onto the plains of Vana'diel.
The world shudders as she is thrust into chaos and despair.

Neither power nor destiny can bring an end to what has already begun.

However, thorough the storm of the night, a star of glory shines bright.
Through the howling of the beasts, the song rings clear.

Shining star, echoing song,
You are our dreams and prayers.

Ulmia: The third verse of "Memoria de la S^tona"...
The verse sung only by the gods..

Tenzen: Ugggh, Phoenix...

Ulmia: Tenzen!?

Bahamut: So, you children also know of the "Memoria de la S^tona." As a reward for your sagacity, I shall let you in on a secret.

Bahamut: Ages ago, when people aspired to open the Gates of Paradise, there was a child who knew the fourth verse.

Bahamut: That child came to me, in search of my assistance. And thus we made a pact--an agreement that was to be put into motion the day the Keeper of the Apocalypse returned to Vana'diel.

Ulmia: And that pact is...

Bahamut: Gather, my minions! It is time for the ancient pact to be fulfilled!

Bahamut: We shall return the light to the crystals! We shall save our mother, Vana'diel!

Bahamut: Children of the dawn, your end is near!

The Savage - Tavnazian Safehold
Justinius: Player name.

If you are searching for Ulmia and Tenzen, they just entered the elder's quarters.

Ulmia: Player name, I am pleased to see you have returned.

Tenzen: I spoke with Despachiaire about Bahamut's words. However, I do not know how much he believed...

Tenzen: People often have a tendency to block out truths that are too terrible to face. That Bahamut and his minions will destroy all mankind--all of us would wish this to simply be a nightmare from which we will eventually awake.

Ulmia: I, myself, have trouble coming to terms with what I heard.
The Keeper of the Apocalypse...
The pact...

Ulmia: When the keeper is born, the children of Altana must die...

Ulmia: Why would Bahamut wish such a terrible fate upon us? What caused him to despise us this much?

Tenzen: Lady Ulmia...
Do you remember when Bahamut sang? At that moment, my blade, Phoenix, enlightened me.

Tenzen: Long ago, our ancestors, the ancients, fought many a great battle with the terrestrial avatars.

Tenzen: Among those battles, the most fierce and drawn-out was that fought by Bahamut over the opening of the Gates of Paradise.

Tenzen: It was during that fight that people learned of the Emptiness...

Tenzen: The Emptiness...the will of Promathia!

Ulmia: !

Tenzen: However, I know little of the Twilight God.

Tenzen: Lady Ulmia!
Will you not give us insight into this deity's connection with Vana'diel and its children?

Ulmia: I...

Justinius: I apologize, sir. However, that is something we are forbidden to speak of...

Tenzen: Forbidden...?

Nag'molada: Traveler from the East, let me explain.

Nag'molada: Promathia...
Simply speaking his name brings damnation.

Tenzen: ...!

Nag'molada: As has the Dawn Goddess, Altana, the Twilight God has existed since the beginning of time.

Nag'molada: However, unlike the kind and giving Altana, Promathia is known as the Lord of Chaos. It is said that his curse, unleashed on mankind for the sin of opening the Gates of Paradise, dooms us to an eternity of strife.

Nag'molada: The only way for us to be saved from this horrendous curse is to forget it, and that is why the name Promathia cannot be seen nor heard anywhere across Vana'diel.

Tenzen: The Lord of Chaos...

Nag'molada: This is one of the reasons why your people in the East know nothing of Promathia. Without a name, how can anything exist?

Nag'molada: Your people are probably better off not knowing the tainted history this world has locked up in its past.

Nag'molada: Truths we must not know.
Truths we should not know.
And truths we are forced to face...

Nag'molada: We must be careful with these truths, for if we are not, they could bring tragedy.

Tenzen: Tragedy?

Nag'molada: For example, Bahamut's warning.
We knew all along that Bahamut would one day appear and attempt to destroy us...

Ulmia: You knew...!

Nag'molada: That is why the moment we heard his voice, we mobilized our armies to capture him before he could assemble his minions. However...

Nag'molada: Your imprudent meddling has interfered with our plans and prevented us from accomplishing our mission! Do you truly wish to see the bodies of your fallen brothers lie sprawled across the barren plains of a dead world?

Despachiaire: Nag'molada!
Ulmia was only attempting to stop Prishe from doing something...unforgivable.

Despachiaire: This traveler, Tenzen, is the true culprit. It was he who tricked my granddaughter into taking up this ridiculous journey.

Tenzen: It is true; it was I who requested that Ulmia act.

Tenzen: However, I had received permission from the duke vicarious, Esha'ntarl, to investigate the Emptiness!

Nag'molada: Tenzen.
Stopping the Emptiness from spreading--is this not the wish of both our peoples?

Nag'molada: Seeking out Bahamut on your own, without any set reason, ultimately disrupting our plans... Why, this sounds like nothing more than treason!

Tenzen: I... There is nothing more I can say. My actions were uncalled for. I apologize...

Nag'molada: Fine.
However, from now on I request that you leave all matters dealing with the Wyrmking to the duchy.

Nag'molada: Differences in thinking can cause different reactions from different races. However, we in Jeuno care naught of differences. Our wish is only to save all the children of Vana'diel.

Tenzen: And that is why you have begun new plans to stop Bahamut...?
But he has left Riverne. How will you find him?

Nag'molada: Everything is in motion. However, as for the details, I, myself, know little.

Nag'molada: My assignment has nothing to do with Bahamut. My mission is to stop that boy.

Nag'molada: Hm...?
Player name, where is your amulet?

I sold it. <----- Chose this option!
It was stolen.
I gave it to Prishe.

Tenzen: Player name!
I apologize. The amulet... Player name gave it away.

I sold it.
It was stolen. <----- Chose this option!
I gave it to Prishe.

Tenzen: Player name!
I apologize. The amulet... Player name gave it away.

I sold it.
It was stolen.
I gave it to Prishe. <----- Chose this option!

Nag'molada: What!? Gave it away!?
You imbecile! How could you just let go of such an important item!?

Ulmia: Sir, it is not Player name's fault.

Ulmia: I asked her to give it to Prishe to help her. I wanted to save her...

Nag'molada: Prishe?

Nag'molada: Ah... I see.
If the amulet is still here, then...

Nag'molada: Player name.
Retrieve the amulet from the girl and bring it to the resting place of the fourth crystal in the Northlands.

Nag'molada: The crystal is located deep beneath Castle Zvahl, and can only be reached by traversing the ruins of Pso'Xja.

Makki-Chebukki: Hear ye, Hear ye!

Kukki-Chebukki: The soldiers have left the Sacrarium! They're headin' up and movin' out!

Cherukiki: They've finished packing their secret boxes! They've got what they want and now they're gone!

Ulmia: Hm? Secret boxes...?

Nag'molada: Player name.
Come to the far western entrance of Pso'Xja, but not without the amulet. I will be waiting for you there.

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