The Opo-opo and I

Start NPC Lulupp - Kazham (G-7)
Requirements Kazham Reputation 7
Items Needed Broken Mithran Rod
Ten of Coins (Card)
Sands of Silence
Wandering Bulb
Giant Fish Bones
Blackened Toad
Wyvern Skull
Ancient Salt
Lucky Egg
Title Granted King of the Opo-opos
Repeatable No
Reward Opo-opo Crown
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Even More Gullible's Travels Personal Hygiene


Once you have received the scent from Even More Gullible's Travels, speak with Lulupp the Opo-opo on the airship dock (G-7), where you will be introduced to Vuih Stecoppah in the cutscene.

You must trade the following items to the corresponding Opo-opos in the correct order:
Serious Note: Failure to trade in correct order will result in the loss of all previously traded items, and you must start from the beginning.

1. Lulupp (G-7) on lower dock, near Dheo Nbolo.

  • Says "Opopopopo! Opo-opo! Oppo! Oppo-opo!"

2. Kukupp (I-11) in-between Migho's & Pakhroib's Residences.

  • Workbench - Can be crafted using Woodworking (7), or bought from the Auction House.
  • Says "Opoh opo!"

3. Mumupp (J-9) inside Wahcondalo's Residence.

4. Roropp (H-9) in-between Poshei's Combat Gear and Ryuhkow’a Mercenary Merchandise.

5. Popopp (H-9) with Nomad Moogle.

6. Bubupp (I-8) behind M&P's Market.

7. Tatapp (G/H/I7-10) wandering around.

8. Kakapp (J-9) inside Wahcondalo’s Residence.

9. Lalapp (F-9) Chocobo NPC, behind the hut.

10. Nenepp (H-11) behind Mihgo’s Residence; can be out of reach; wait for it to walk closer.


  • The order they are listed in Widescan is the same as the correct order to trade them items. This can be a good way to go through the list if one has multiple consecutive items, as a level 80 beastmaster or level 60 ranger can scan the whole town.
  • For a complete walkthrough on this quest, see Guide To Getting Your Opo-opo Crown.
  • 4 free inventory slots will be needed for the rewards (Opo-opo Crown and 3 Pamamas).
  • Four of the last five items on this list are Rare/Ex, so you can not purchase them from Auction House/Bazaar.
  • If you forget where you left off and come back and don't remember which one you traded to last, no worries. Just talk to them and they will say "Opopopopo! Opop-opo! Opo-opo!" and do a /bow motion to let you know you've done that part of the quest. Just move on to the next one until you get one that says "Opo-opo?" and you will know you have not traded an item to that Opo-opo.
  • It's very easy to fix whatever you have messed up when trading the items. All you need to do is get all the previous items you have traded to the Opo-opos and start from the beginning. For example: Say you have traded items to Lulupp, Kukupp, Mumupp, and Roropp. All you need to do is gather those items again and trade them to the appropriate Opo-opos. They WILL NOT take the new items but it does still count. Once you've traded them just continue as usual and you will receive your Opo-opo Crown.

Game Description[edit]

Vuih Stecoppah (Docks, Kazham)
The Opo-opo in Kazham love your new "fragrance." Bring them what they want--in the correct order-- and they will make you their king!
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