The Moogle's Picnic!

Start NPC Moogle - Mog House in your home city
Requirements Reputation: 5 in your home city
Items Needed Mahogany Bed
Selbina Butter
Shrimp Lure
Title Granted Mog's Exceptionally Kind Master
Repeatable No
Reward A new Mog Safe with a 70 item capacity.
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Give a Moogle a Break Moogles in the Wild


  • In order for this quest to become available, you must place a Mahogany Bed and then talk to your moogle.
  • The quest cutscene will start the next time you enter your Mog House and talk to you moogle as long as you have enough fame.
    • The Mahogany Bed may be removed at any time after the quest has been flagged; it does not need to be in the Mog House for the quest to be completed.
    • This quest cannot be started in a Rent-A-Room. It can, however, be completed in one.
  • If any other mog house moogle quest starts, such as A Moogle Kupo d'Etat, you must zone and talk to your Moogle again.
  • Your moogle asks if he can go home for a Moogle festival. Allow him to do so.
  • Your moogle wants a Shrimp Lure and Selbina Butter.
  • Trade him both items (you can make the trade at any Mog House, it does not need to be in your home nation).
  • After going away on his trip, he will come back with a new Mog Safe that holds 70 items!
    • Complete the quest by talking to your moogle again after the next in-game quarter hour passes. No zoning required.

Game Description[edit]

Moogle - Mog House in your home city
Your moogle wants to take a shrimp lure and some Selbina butter back home. He sure would be happy if you found them for him.
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