The Immortal Lu Shang

Start NPC Irmilant - Rabao (G-7)
Requirements Selbina/Rabao Reputation ?
Items Needed Broken Lu Shang's Rod
Ancient Lumber
Light Crystal x2
Title Granted The Immortal Fisher, Lu Shang
Repeatable Yes
Reward Lu Shang's Fishing Rod


  • You first need to obtain a Broken Lu Shang's Rod before you may activate this quest.
  • It doesn't matter whether you break your own Lu Shang's Fishing Rod or buy a broken one.
  • Talk to Irmilant. He will offer to repair your rod. To do so, you must bring him one piece of ancient lumber and two light crystals.
  • Trade all four items to Irmilant and he will repair your Lu Shang's Fishing rod.

Game Description[edit]

Irmilant (Rabao)
Irmilant has said he will repair your broken Lu Shang's fishing rod. Along with the broken fishing rod, you must bring him a piece of ancient lumber and two light crystals.
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