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Game Script[edit]

The Enduring Tumult of War - Port Bastok
Chapter 5: The Return Home

Ulmia: Where...
Why, this isn't...

Prishe: Huh!?
This ain't San d'Oria!
I thought we were going to the cathedral.

Prishe: Smooth move there, Louvie. You look all smart and stuff, but you really oughta get yourself a compass.

Prishe: Come on, admit it. You took a wrong turn back there, didn't you?

Louverance: No, we are right where we are supposed to be--Bastok.

Louverance: However, we must have arrived slightly ahead of schedule, as I do not see our welcoming party.

Louverance: Well, that is of no matter. Let us be off for the Metalworks!

The Enduring Tumult of War - Metalworks
Cid: Oh, Player name.

What are you doing here?

Cid: I heard that you went back to Tavnazia.
Did you already meet up with Louverance?

Louverance: Player name! How did you get off the island!?

Prishe: Ah! It's Cid!

Ulmia: Prishe? Do you know this man?

Louverance: ...

Louverance: Master Cid. We were able to return earlier than first planned.

Louverance: I must thank you again for allowing us to borrow such a wonderful bird. The airship has been handed over to the good men at the port.

Cid: So, how did my "Celestial Invincible Delver C.I.D." fly? Bet the ride was smooth as silk and soft as Saruta cotton.

Cid: There are still a few stability problems that need to be stomped out, but her speed is far superior to that of the ships in the armada.

Louverance: Quite superior indeed. It was a wonderful experience.

Louverance: But this adventure in the skies reminded me of how I am incessantly plagued with terrible luck. If I only had the good fortune of meeting with you sooner, Master Cid...

Cid: Ha ha ha! You've got it wrong there, Louverance. You were lucky to meet me when you did.

Cid: If you had come along any earlier, I wouldn't have been able to help you. The "Celestial Invincible Delver C.I.D." was just completed a few weeks ago!

Cid: Why, you're the first to ever experience her turbo engines!

Louverance: The first...?

Cid: So, did you all find this Cardinal Mildaurion you were looking for in Tavnazia?

Louverance: Unfortunately, no. The cardinal has not been back to the archipelago...

Louverance: I was able to retrieve valuable information on her past from these two young ladies, but I am no closer to grasping her whereabouts.

Cid: Hmmm... That's not good...
What about the magicite? Were you able to find out anything for me?

Louverance: Actually, I did learn something very intriguing. However...this is not a good place...

Tenzen: Did you say magicite?

Cid: You heard me right.
Player name, you said you were looking for some, too, right?

Cid: I was hoping that you could join me when Louverance tells his story about Tavnazia's magicite.

Cid: But first, why don't you tell everybody what we know about the energy source in the Northlands?

Tell them what you know?
No. <----- Chose this option!

Tenzen: Player name! We will not take no for an answer!

Tell them what you know?
Yes. <----- Chose this option!

Tenzen: I see...
So you have been following the advice of Esha'ntarl, traveling to the three nations of San d'Oria, Bastok, and Windurst to gather information on the Multinational Expedition.

Tenzen: If we can discover where the Tavnazian magicite brought to Bastok originated, then we will discover the final destination of our journey!

Cid: True, but after I told Player name what I knew about the dark gem, I did a little more research on my own. When I asked an old friend about the subject, he told me something quite interesting.

Cid: My magicite wasn't found lying around in the Northlands, but inside a strange relic that was brought back from the Northlands.

Ulmia: A strange relic?

Cid: Yes, some kind of strange box.

Cid: According to the priests of Tavnazia, the ancients made the box from some unidentifiable metal--just like the kind used in the Crag of Dem.

Prishe: That sounds like...the baptismal vessel...

Cid: Baptismal vessel? Prishe, do you know something about this box?

Prishe: Of course. The Tavnazian theologians used that box when performing the baptism ceremony.

Prishe: It should still be in the Sacrarium's tabernacle. I'd know because I'm the only one who has a key to that place. I've been protecting the key ever since before the Great War--on Miss Mildaurion's orders!

Prishe: The baptism ceremony...?
Then Prishe's accident was...?

Louverance: Yes, why didn't I see it before?
Even though you were deemed the abhorrent one, you still took part in the theologians' baptism!

Louverance: Then let me tell you this.
While in Tavnazia, I attempted to investigate the "baptismal vessel" for Master Cid.

Louverance: However, I was forced to abandon my investigation before I even began. Just days before I arrived, an officer of the duchy, Nag'molada, broke into the Sacrarium and stole the relic.

Prishe: The vessel was stolen!?

Cid: It's those hooded bastards from Jeuno!
They must have learned that I was searching for the origins of the black magicite, and stole the box so I couldn't get my hands on it!

Cid: I was so close! Now I'll never learn its secrets!

Cid: Wait a minute...
Prishe, you said you knew about the box. What can you tell us? Even the smallest bit of info could help.

Prishe: The vessel's evil. It changed my life. Dragged me to hell and back...

Cid: Prishe?

Prishe: We have to get the vessel out of Nag'molada's hands! It belongs in Tavnazia!

Ulmia: Prishe! Wait!

Tenzen: Prishe! You cannot keep going off on your own! It is too dangerous!

Louverance: Player name, you mentioned that you and Tenzen had made arrangements to meet Nag'molada in the northwestern tower of Pso'Xja.

Louverance: A great energy in the Northlands...
While not necessarily relevant to my current mission, I am intrigued...on a personal level...

Louverance: I will be waiting for you in Beaucedine, Player name!

Cid: Well, this doesn't look good now, does it. Player name, you should probably try to catch up with your companions ASAP.

Cid: Me? I'll keep trying to find out more on the magicite. I've still got a few cards up my sleeve.

The Enduring Tumult of War (pt.1) - Pso'Xja
Prishe: Where the hell have you been, Player name!?

Tenzen: We have been waiting for your arrival. Did you encounter something unexpected?

Louverance: Never could I have imagine that such a masterpiece of ancient architechture could be hidden beneath these towers. I sense the Gates of Paradise are within our reach.

Ulmia: Louverance! We were not expecting to see you here.

Prishe: Hey, buddy, if you came to try to stop me, don't think I'll leave here without a fight. I'm not going anywhere until I get my box back!

Louverance: I have no such intentions.
I am simply here as an heir to the Knights Mistalle.

Louverance: What worries me more is the absence of Nag'molada...

Tenzen: I assume he has already set off for the fourth crystal.

Tenzen: And that is what we must do.
Follow me; Phoenix will lead the way.

The Enduring Tumult of War (pt.2) - Pso'Xja
Louverance: Good lord!

Ulmia: It's...

Tenzen: The mothercrystal.
Legend says that Vana'diel was formed when it split into five pieces. This is one of those pieces...

Tenzen: The divine light it emits...

Tenzen: This is from where we are born, and where we all eventually return...

Tenzen: Simply gazing upon its beauty soothes the mind and soul...

Prishe: Hey, Player name. Can you hear it?

Prishe: That song...
The crystal... It's calling us...

...someday...hope...become...dreams...our prayers...
...And what was split asunder will once more become whole. Complete and inseparable for all eternity.

Prishe: ...!

???: Now that all the performers have arrived, the play can begin!

Prishe: Nag'molada!

Prishe: You slimy thief! Give back the vessel!

Nag'molada: Ah, Tavnazia's precious baptismal vessel. I was amused when I learned how the box was being used.

Nag'molada: According to the old man, Despachiaire, all those who entered the faith were required to pledge their loyalty to the Dawn Goddess before this vessel.

Nag'molada: While not quite practical, it is quite an intriguing use.
In this way, even devolved creatures such as yourselves could become subconsciously aware of the power of the box.

Prishe: Not practical? What do you mean!? Do you know what the box is really used for!?

Nag'molada: Of course, just as I know the use of that amulet you carry.

Prishe: The amulet...?

Nag'molada: Many millenia ago, the king of the Zilart made that amulet--the testament of affinity--to peer into the hearts of the Kuluu.

Nag'molada: The Zilart were born with the ability to communicate directly with the mind of another. This is called the "whisper of the soul."

Nag'molada: However, as centuries passed, some people were overcome by the Emptiness and lost this power of communication.
Those who could no longer harness the whisper of the soul were known as the Kuluu.

Nag'molada: The Zilartian king ordered the production of amulets--such as the one you possess--to contain the darkness residing within these unfortunate souls and open their hearts...

Nag'molada: And thus, the thoughts of all those who wore one were known by him.

Nag'molada: That amulet you hold... It was given to you by the Zilartian prince, was it not? And now you have begun using it to further your twisted schemes.

Nag'molada: Player name. The boy has been using you as a guide over space and time into a world unknown to him.

Nag'molada: Using you to guide him to the mothercrystals.

Prishe: And that's why I can see what he sees...

Nag'molada: However, it seems as if he made a poor choice in guides...

Nag'molada: It took too long for you petty adventurers to reach the fourth crystal, let alone the first three.

Nag'molada: Thanks to your incompetence, I had enough time to obtain this box, as well as find out who you really are.

Nag'molada: It was you who brought an end to our era... You who betrayed us!

Nag'molada: You...Selh'teus!

Nag'molada: Though you bear the mark of the Kuluu, you betrayed your people and the trust of the Zilartian prince...

Nag'molada: Though you have inherited the will of the slumbering gods, you betrayed them as well...

Nag'molada: And though you were born of the mothercrystal, now you plot to betray her...

Nag'molada: My heart yearns to know why you have chosen the path of traitor.

Nag'molada: However, that answer can wait for a later day.

Nag'molada: The answer I seek now is that to a different question.
Tell me... Tell me where you obtained the power to control the Emptiness!

Nag'molada: When the attempt to open the Gates of Paradise failed and Al'Taieu was destroyed, why did only you survive?

Nag'molada: What happened that day!? What did you see and what did you learn!?
What unspeakable powers do you possess!?

Selh'teus: ...

Nag'molada: No answers, Selh'teus?

Nag'molada: Then the only option left to me is to force them from the Emptiness inside you!

Ulmia: Prishe!

Prishe: Stop!

Nag'molada: Ha ha ha! Behold the true power of the "Eye of Altana." Behold the transformation of Emptiness to magicite!

Nag'molada: Did you forget, Selh'teus?

Selh'teus: ...!

Nag'molada: Now answer me, boy! Unless you want to be ripped apart from the inside!

Selh'teus: ...!

Prishe: Player name!

Prishe: Don't lose this!

Prishe: Come on, Selh'teus!
Stop thinking and start talking!

Prishe: Tell me! Tell me what to say! Tell me what to sing!

Nag'molada: What!?

That star is you, and the song is yours.

And someday, that hope will become our dreams...our prayers...

Shine forth, star of hope! Let your song ring out across all of Vana'diel!

And what was split asunder will once more become whole. Complete and inseparable for all eternity.

Nag'molada: Is he trying to...answer me?

Nag'molada: Is it only that I cannot hear him, because I...I have lost the whisper of the soul...?

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