The Buried God

Type: SCNM
Zone: Beadeaux (S) at the Ironbound Gate (L-8 on the 2nd map)

Level: 75+ (Uncapped)
Members: 18
Time: 30 minutes

Requirements: The Words of Do'Nhu I, The Words of Do'Nhu II, The Words of Do'Nhu III, The Words of Do'Nhu IV, The Words of Do'Nhu V, The Words of Do'Nhu VI, The Words of Do'Nhu VII, The Words of Do'Nhu VIII
Title Granted: Disperser of Darkness





Za'Dha Adamantking (WAR) x 1



Za'Dha's Minister (WHM) x 2



Za'Dha's Biographer (BLM) x 2



Possible Rewards[edit]

Your armoury crate will load out of the following groupings:

Unknown to one of:
Paramount Earring (???%)
Zha'Go's Barbut (???%)
Unknown to one of:
Headsman's Ring (???%)
Seismic Axe (???%)
Stone Mufflers (???%)
Unknown groupings:
Adaman Ore (???%)
Aquamarine (???%)
Charisma Potion (???%)
Chrysoberyl (???%)
Damascus Ingot (???%)
Darksteel Ingot (???%)
Darksteel Ore (???%)
Deathstone (???%)
Diamond (???%)
Emerald (???%)
Fluorite (???%)
Green Rock (???%)
Gold Ingot (???%)
Hi-Reraiser (???%)
Icarus Wing (???%)
Intelligence Potion (???%)
Jadeite (???%)
Malboro Fiber (???%)
Moonstone (???%)
Mythril Ingot (???%)
Orichalcum Ore (???%)
Painite (???%)
Philosopher's Stone (???%)
Phoenix Feather (???%)
Platinum Ore (???%)
Purple Rock (???%)
Raxa (???%)
Red Rock (???%)
Spinel (???%)
Steel Ingot (???%)
Sunstone (???%)
Topaz (???%)
Vile Elixir +1 (???%)
White Rock (???%)
Yellow Rock (???%)
Zircon (???%)


  • Za'Dha Adamantking can use Mighty Strikes multiple times.
  • Za'Dha Adamantking has an 'aura' effect that seems to give players a slow effect.
    • The "Slow Aura" is a permanent effect that cannot be hasted over.
    • The slow effect can be erased but players who remain within 5' of Za'Dha Adamantking will be inflicted again.
    • The aura is in effect while its shell is glowing.
    • The aura affects anyone standing within 5' of Za'Dha Adamantking and will go away after an unknown period of time once the player moves out of range.
  • The assistant quadavs can use their respective 2-hour abilities.
    • These mobs will give experience points when defeated. Estimated to be VT/IT range.
  • Uses Torment of Gu'Dha after a short message in say, causing heavy AoE damage and Petrify. Resets hate as well.
  • Other TP moves include Shell Charge, Skull Smash, Ore Toss, and Ore Lob.
  • Buffs wear and you will lose all TP upon entering the BCNM. Reraise does not wear (from RR Item) (Even though it is not a capped level capped fight)
  • This fight is best done kited. (PLD/WAR with Phalanx II and Earth Staff taking 150~250 damage a hit, and rarely getting hit by TP attacks.)
    • Gravity is a must for this strategy to work.
  • Summoner jobs beware, all monsters share a alliance hate, as such, releasing can result in making all the "Super" tank kited mobs to come to you to attack you. The same thing happens when you release your pets immediately after Jailer of Love summons its pets.
  • Experience Points are awarded for killing the monsters. Even if you are under Limit Points selection.


  • Spawned in the BCNM; Accessed by trading the 8 boxes dropped from the 8 NMs within Beadeaux(S) to the NPC in each nation who will take the boxes.
  • When you get to the door at (M-8) on the 2nd map (found by going to (K-6) on the first map), the door will appear locked until the person who has traded all of the boxes clicks the door to enter the bc.
  • You don't need a full alliance, but more dd's and whms preferred.
  • Beware of Torment of Gu'Dha, other than that just have one person kiting the extras around, avoiding getting hate on the rest of the alliance. One tank on the NM while the extras are being picked off and killed, then focus on the NM.
  • The Buried God Strategies


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