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The Bonds of Fellowship

[[{{SUBST:The Bonds of Fellowship}}|   ]]
The Bonds of Fellowship
[[{{SUBST:The Bonds of Fellowship}}|   ]]
[[{{SUBST:The Bonds of Fellowship}}|   ]]

With the recent improvement in the signal pearl's transmitting capabilities, communication via this linkshell pearl-like device is no longer limited to open areas. We now see a growing number of adventurers exploring dangerous dungeons accompanied by their adventuring fellows.

Let's take a look at how four adventurers and their fellows spend their time together.

The Bonds of Fellowship1.jpg

Moko and Romidiant

Moko: Hume Female (White Mage/Black Mage)

Romidiant: Elvaan Male (Combat Style: Shield, Weapon: Sword)

"If you're going to have a partner in peril, you may as well have a dashing young man by your side, don't you think? Romidiant is devilishly handsome, and charming to boot! I could listen to his Provoke line all day. He's so dreamy!

I wanted someone to defend me while I cast spells, so I have Romidiant utilize Shield Style. Thanks to my knight in shining armor, the level of enemies I can defeat and the range of things I can accomplish have broadened considerably.

He even comes in handy when I'm collecting materials for synthesis. I wish Romidiant could adventure with me all the time, but our 'dates' barely last an hour…"

With Romidiant taking the brunt of the enemies' attacks, and Moko keeping him healthy with her healing magic, these two make the perfect partners.

Although Romidiant seems somewhat oblivious to her affection, the bonds that Moko and her fellow have shaped will likely lead to longer and longer 'dates' in the future.

Chucky and Mugido

Chucky: Tarutaru Male (Red Mage/White Mage)

Mugido: Galka (Combat Style: Attacker, Weapon: Great Axe)

The Bonds of Fellowship2.jpg

"I've always wondered what being a ginormous Galka must be like, so I guess that's one of the reasons I enjoy having him around. Plus, I never-wever grow tired of that enormous, protective shadow following two steps behind me. He's always ready to jump into any adventure, and we have fun chatting aboutaru it afterwards.

Mugido is using a great axe at the momentaru, but he doesn't seem to mind that I ask him to switcheroo weapons all the time.

I also like to make sketches of whatever he's wearing that day—it's a shame I don't have the drawings on me. Mugido's got some smack-wacky fashion sense sometimes, let me tell you."

It appears that many adventurers take careful note of their fellow's daily dress habits. There are certainly some interesting—and occasionally bizarre—combinations of adventuring wear to be found.

Mugido's cheeks reddened slightly when he heard Chucky's comment about his fashion, but he couldn't help but smile at his eccentric Tarutaru companion.

Liza and Yoli

Liza: Mithra (Thief/White Mage)

Yoli: Mithra (Combat Style: Fierce Attacker, Weapon: Polearm)

The Bonds of Fellowship3.jpg

"Aparrrt from hair color, Yoli and I could be twins! Sometimes we even drrress the same way, just for fun! I see what she's wearing when we meet at our rendezvous point, and then check my Mog House for the same equipment. That tends to turn a few heads in town.

I gave Yoli a spear to use so she could coordinate attacks with my dagger, but since she learned Penta Thrust, the massive damage seems to grrrab too much attention from our opponents. And since I often use Trick Attack to pull enemies onto Yoli, I should prrrobably have her change combat styles to 'Stalwart Shield.'

There are other adventurers out there besides Liza who have a twin fighting beside them. Some enjoy the sibling-style companionship, while others see the potential for pranks and mischief.
Liza and Yoli were kind enough to give us a demonstration of a dazzling dagger-polearm skillchain.

Maurie and Yufafa

Maurie: Elvaan Male (Monk/Warrior)

Yufafa: Tarutaru Female (Combat Style: Soothing Healer, Weapon: Sword)

The Bonds of Fellowship4.jpg

"My lovely Yufafa is quite the accomplished healer. Being a monk, I have little recourse when it comes to healing, and Yufafa's cures are like a gift from Paradise. She is even capable of removing virulent poisons and crippling paralysis.

To be entirely truthful, I suppose I could use my Chakra ability from time to time, but I find myself relying solely on Yufafa's soothing touch. She also delights in casting various kinds of enfeebling spells on our opponents, showing she's not all sugar and sunshine!
Yufafa's weapon of choice is the one-handed sword. When combining her Burning Blade or Red Lotus with my Raging Fists, the impact created by the resulting Fusion is immensely satisfying!"

Maurie rarely rests when adventuring solo, but is careful to allow Yufafa time to recover MP when they battle together. Perhaps the same old scenery appears somehow different when relaxing with a friend.

"I do enjoy the warm camaraderie I share with Yufafa."

The Tarutaru in question grinned hugely at her Elvaan companion's unabashed affection.

Adventuring fellows take all shapes and sizes, but no matter the adventurer, everyone we talked to valued their fellow's company both on and off the battlefield.

They all had a story to tell about their wonderful partners in adventure.

Have you found an adventuring fellow to join in your endeavors?

You might find that a whole new world of possibilities awaits you!

[[{{SUBST:The Bonds of Fellowship}}|   ]]

Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 13

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