The Blood-bathed Crown

Type: SCNM
Zone: La Vaule (S) at the Reinforced Gateway (F-9)

Level: 75
Members: 18
Time: 30 minutes

Requirements: "Imperial Lineage" chapter I, "Imperial Lineage" chapter II, "Imperial Lineage" chapter III, "Imperial Lineage" chapter IV, "Imperial Lineage" chapter V, "Imperial Lineage" chapter VI, "Imperial Lineage" chapter VII, "Imperial Lineage" chapter VIII
Title Granted: Debaser of Dynasties*





Bloodcrown Brradhod (PLD) x 1



Brradhod's Fletcher (RNG) x 2



Brradhod's Donzel (WAR) x 2



Possible Rewards[edit]

Your armoury crate will load out of the following groupings:

Unknown to One of:
Gnadbhod's Helm (54.4%)
Supremacy Earring (47.1%)
Unknown to One of:
Nimue's Tights (32.4%)
Ruler (33.8%)
Fenian Ring (25%)
Unknown groupings:
Damascus Ingot (7.4%)
Adaman Ore (4.4%)
Darksteel Ingot (13.2%)
Steel Ingot (7.4%)
Darksteel Ore (10.3%)
Mythril Ingot (10.3%)
Jadeite (11.8%)
Painite (13.2%)
Aquamarine (5.9%)
Deathstone (8.8%)
Moonstone (8.8%)
Zircon (10.3%)
Emerald (5.9%)
Yellow Rock (4.4%)
Green Rock (1.5%)
Black Rock (1.5%)
Platinum Ore (11.8%)
Gold Ingot (13.2%)
Orichalcum Ore (7.4%)
Icarus Wing (10.3%)
Charisma Potion (5.9%)
Intelligence Potion (8.8%)
Mind Potion (7.4%)
Hi-Reraiser (5.9%)
Vile Elixir +1 (8.8%)
Ebony Log (4.4%)
Mahogany Log (4.4%)
Phoenix Feather (8.8%)
Raxa (16.2%)
Damascene Cloth (2.9%)
Beetle Blood (4.4%)
Chrysoberyl (8.8%)
Translucent Rock (4.4%)
Malboro Fiber (2.9%)
Sapphire (1.5%)
Fluorite (5.9%)
Angelstone (2.9%)
Philosopher's Stone (7.4%)
Blue Rock (1.5%)
Diamond (1.5%)
Sunstone (1.5%)


  • All enemies must be defeated to win the SCNM.
  • Bloodcrown Brradhod has an 'aura' effect that seems to give players a flash effect. The aura also gives Brradhod increased defense and magic resistance.
  • Approximately 20~25% of Bloodcrown Brradhod's HP must be removed before Aura will drop (Tested and video captured over 11 fights).
  • Aura will reappear after an unknown amount of time passes after aura has dropped, presumed to be ~10min.
  • Leviathan does about 400 damage with Shell and Protect gone.
  • Bloodcrown Brradhod can use invincible multiple times. This seems to remove the aura effect soon after for some time. Utilize this time to damage him, as the time between Invincible uses can be sometimes long, and no guarantee he will use it more than once.
  • Bloodcrown Brradhod uses Veil of Chaos, sometimes as often as every 20-30 seconds, which knocks back anyone within a 15 yalm distance of him. It is recommended anyone that will be near Bloodcrown have Utsusemi: Ni, as this attack can be incredibly damaging (400~800 damage), but will be stopped by 4 shadows.
  • Possibly uses Veil of Chaos more often during the day than during the night.
  • Before using Veil of Chaos Bloodcrown Brradhod will say: I shall feast on your fear!
  • The assistant orcs can use their respective 2-hour abilities.
  • It seems that Bloodcrown Brradhod will hit harder the more minions you kill. If you are kiting him, it is recommended you defeat the WAR minions, and have the RNGs be kited by WAR/NIN or NIN/WAR. They should never need heals for this task.
  • Buffs wear upon entering the BCNM.


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